Shelsley Walsh in a Mini Cooper s Hillclimb car

Second run .Got a bit out of shape at top ess .speed trap at 79mph and finish line at 80mph. Swiftune Dog box working superb.

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Mini cooper s at prescott hillclimb
May 2007 setting a personal best of 49.37 on second practice run.Throttle stuck open halfway up ,making it even more of a handful.

3 Door Sierra Cosworth In Car Footage from Shelsley Walsh Speed Hillclimb 36.00 secs 02/06/13
This was footage taken using my iPhone 5 in HD mode from Shelsley Walsh Speed Hillclimb on the 02/06/13 Overall it was a shocking run with a terrible bogged down start and awful exit from top ess plus the crank sensor was playing up as can be seen from the on/off throttle effect towards bottom ess and out of top ess towards the finish line Now with all those driver excuses out the way feel free to try and enjoy this hidious run

RetroRides Gathering 2015 Shelsley Walsh in car hill climb Mazda mx5 RRG2015
My daily mx5 going up the hill. Not my quickest run but all the other videos didn't come out as well!

Mini Cooper S at Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb
Third and fastest run at 34.56 secs. Trap speed 79mph and finish at 82mph. Fourth gear through crossing to smooth things out. Swiftune dog box perfect.