MGB Differential Repair Part 1

The FIRST of two videos of my attempt to replace the thrust washers in the differential of my 1969 MGB. More videos at my website at (Donate if you want to :) ) I've converted this car to electric drive. The differential is original and it has the familiar clonk on braking, accelerating and backing up.

More Videos...

Installing a 4" sewer cleanout
Installation of an ABS 4" two way cleanout tee in an existing cast iron sewer pipe

Description of an MGB-GT to EV conversion
Description of my 1967 MGB-GT to EV conversion using a 3-phase AC motor and Nissan Leaf Batteries. Summer 2014.

Sound Proofing a residential house wall
My attempt to reduce the sound of voices coming from one bedroom to the adjacent bedroom. This technique reduced the measured sound volume by 10dB. From a human perception point of view this 10dB is equivalent to halving the sound level. I'm pretty happy with the result.

Mud Sailing Windsurfing Over Palo Alto Mud
The mud at Palo Alto is so soft that you can windsurf over it. It helps to have a small fin - 18cm or so. This video has been re-uploaded because of previous Google restrictions. Apologies if you've already seen it.