MGB Differential Repair Part 1

The FIRST of two videos of my attempt to replace the thrust washers in the differential of my 1969 MGB. More videos at my website at (Donate if you want to :) ) I've converted this car to electric drive. The differential is original and it has the familiar clonk on braking, accelerating and backing up.

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MG MGB Differential Maintenance Spacer replacement video #2
This is the second of the videos showing my dismantling of the differential on my 1969 MGB Note : This method is for the Salisbury axle for GT's and post 1967 Tourers only. The technique for the Banjo axle would be different - thanks to donthuis for this comment.

Test Fit of Leaf Pack in MGB-GT
Removal of the vertically stacked battery modules from a Nissan Leaf pack and test fitting them in the back and front of an MGB-GT. There is no sound on this video.

Windsurf Freestyle at Crissy Field 2010
The Expression Session Windsurf freestyle competition held at Crissy Field San Francisco in 2010

Replacing cells in a Leaf Battery Pack installed in an EV conversion.
Batteries from a Nissan Leaf used in an MGB conversion had some cells which became over charged. 4 cells were replaced in the main battery unit.