Crysis Real Lifesis Mod

System specs: E2200 at 3.3 ghz 3 GB Ram 800 mhz 260 GTX Core 216 superclocked

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Crysis Nuke Mod 4.0
OK I think I got it this time...I hope... Download Link:

Gallivanter Nuke Mod for Crysis destroy's mountain!
Just playing around with my nuke mod. Thought this was a cool scene even with the glitches. ;)

Crysis - Game Movie
Crysis Game Movie Website: Community: Crysis begins in 2020 when North Korean forces led by General Ri-Chan Kyong take control of the Lingshan Islands. A team of American civilian archaeologists, led by Dr. Rosenthal, send out a distress call indicating that they have discovered something that could change the world. Thus Raptor Team is dispatched to the islands, with the core mission of evacuating them and securing any valuable information that they have. The team consists of Nomad, Psycho, Aztec, Jester and team leader Prophet (all under code names); they are outfitted with Nanosuits, which help protect them from gunfire and explosions, as well as giving them superhuman strength and abilities. Gameplay: ThaBamboozler Game Developer: Crytek Frankfurt Game Publisher: Electronic Arts

Crysis Extreme Realism
This is Insane...... 'Nuff said.... This mod simulates the movements of a soldier experiancing an adrenaline rush... A few this simulated effects are: * Tiredness (long sprints can cause extream motion blur) * Damaged limbs affect movement (getting shot in the leg will make you limp to one side) * Heartbeat simulation (will simulate the beating of heart affecting tiredness and movement) * Human Deph of Field (simulate focus bluring) Download EQM: (you must import the tweak using the sandbox editor) Download Map: (I can't find the map anymore after Crymod changed their website. The map is called "Mike's Little Island")