1G AWD DSM Drag Race vs dodge charger vs audi rs4 - Tampa 13.0 @ 103 mph

1G AWD DSM Drag Race 1g dsm vs dodge charger, 1g dsm vs audi rs4, dsm vs dsm Tampa's 1g AWD DSM running a new best - 2 days later went 12.7 on some race gas. This was about as far as he could take the 14b on pump gas. Opening night at our local track, street tires, pump gas, ecmlink. New England Dragway 4/5/13 Epping, NH New England DSM

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DSM Destroys Clutch - still wins 4 out of 5 drag races
PUMP GAS KILLER finishes of the tired old clutch, Still beat a Mustang, sonic, wrx, and nissan before completely obliterating the clutch against a bike. Jimmy Read piloting his mint condition 1991 Eagle Talon Tsi on some low 11 second passes. First runs on the FP 3582. Figured out the clutch was done at the track but once home found the Exhaust wheel was junk from previous owner. 93 octane Pump Gas. New England DSM New England Dragway. Epping, NH 6/14/13