MOPAR 1966 Chrysler 300

A little bit fun with a 66 Chrysler 300.

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1966 CHRYSLER 300 383 FACTORY POSI / Demolition Derby Car
Pick up this gem for 400$. A running 383 good transmission and a factory posi track. The Car had been sitting for 5 years. All the smoke was from the trans fluid I dumped down the card to lube stuff up. Yes this is going to be a Demolition Derby car. It has plenty of rust and the interior is junk. Music by JT$ I will be pulling the motor and trans and putting them in my 1974 Fury daily driver.

1966 Chrysler 300 C-Body // Mopar
Lil walk arround my Mopar

1966 chrysler 300 convertible

1966 Chrysler 300 Donut Burnout Mopar Meeting Datteln 2007
A little Fullsize Donut on Mopar Meeting Germany 2007