8.3L Whipple Blown 426 300 SRT8!!!

8.3L Whipple Blown 426 300 SRT8!!! Still alot of tuning to be done. Idle is set @ 1050.

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8.3L Whipple Blown 426 SRT8 300 Dyno
Dyno pull.

300C SRT8 runs 11.990@121.46mph
Finally i hit the 11s

1000hp supercharged 300c SRT8!!!!!!!
my buddy just got his car back after 6 months in the shop. New arrington crate motor with a kenny bell Supercharger.

300 Chrysler Custom Supercharged 426 Hemi 585 HP hot rod
This car is SO FAST FAST FAST the wife says it has to go! As much as I LOVE this car I love my wife so much more..... So my loss is YOUR gain One of a kind custom street-able race car for drag strip or road course racetrack. So Ca lPRO build with the best of everything. Has front brakes lock up for the drags and way over $40,000 invested into the drive train and suspension alone. 55K miles on the car 6,000 miles on the drive train build. For sale car is in West LA Details call Scott Three one Zero---901----7110