Barnyard Boggers at Goodtimes 4x4. August 29 2010

the new continental in action at a nasty pit. this pit seems to swallow just about any vehicle that enters it. nice run and gald to see someone make it through. I WON THE 50/50 . not bad of a day at all.

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Monster 4x4 99 Lincoln continental Kirby's Kompound Next Event is June18th 2011
Mud fun for the family don't miss out his land is at 4203 Armington rd Palmyra NY ask me for details

April Showers Bring out The Barnyard Boggers&Friday4x4's Monster Mega Trucks
So dont miss out on this New event were you can see the Barnyard Boggers and Friday4x4's In Action in NY at one of our Local Boys New event Grounds.. Kirby waite and the Crew has a new Event ground for More Details about this event Click here now .. Also our website at if you dont live in NY and want to see whats its going to be like Just stay tuned subscribe to our channel or become a member to our website for FREE!!!! Become a Friend or check out The Barnyard Boggers Website for all the Photos of there rides

was a fun filled day at goodtimes4x4,lots of great trucks showed up from the barnyard 10 year old son nathan was doing the video recording cause i had to get the drag lights takin down....i think he did a good job at it.

Barnyard Boggers Scott Rothfuss Fixing and loading his 4x4 Mega Truck
Don't Worry Scott will have a New Body and Everything Fix on His Mega Truck by the spring to have it all NEW for you all to Enjoy for the 2011 Events in and around the NY Area ... Scott will be back at Yankee Lake in 2011 so look for them videos also you can see The Barnyard Boggers on the Trucks Gone Wild DVD's Parts 9 and 10 Just go to and get your today also check out our website at