98 Ford Turbo Cobra vs 68 Pontiac Firebird drag race

Blue 98 Ford turbo Cobra vs red 68 Pontiac Firebird drag race in a battle of the brands! If you like drag racing check out our website! http://www.wyldfantasies.com

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Mustang Gt 4.6 burnouts, camera inside Dark Envy
Having a little fun giving a few pointers on how to properly destroy your tires in a Mustang Gt 4.6 doing burnouts and donuts in the DARK ENVY Mustang of Dragg City

Starting up a Turbo Mustang 302...

"FENRIS TURBO" 98 Cobra 4.6 engine
http://www.wyldfantasies.com Dohctor Dooms 500+hp daily driver, a built t-70 Masterpower turbo 4.6 liter Cobra...

Fenris Turbo 98 Cobra 4.6 liter mustang engine
Fenris turbo 98 Cobra 4.6 liter 281 dohc cooling down the engine between rounds in the staging lanes at the drag strip. RACING HUMOR BLOG: http://youmightbearacer.blogspot.com UNDERGROUND Mustang FORUMS: http://www.wyldfantasies.com