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350 SBC Dyno Pulls
Getting Dyno numbers on a completed 350 SBC. Specs: 350 SBC 4.060 Bore Eagle Rotating Assembly -Cast Crankshaft -Forged Mahle Flat Top Pistons -6" Forged I beam Connecting Rods -1.5mm Ring Package -ARP Bolts TrickFlow Top End Kit - TFS-k314-445-405 -Cam Specs: Hydraulic Roller 230/234 @.500, 110 deg. lobe separation. -Heads: 62cc, Lift .528/.539, 23 deg. 2.02/1.60 -Roller Lifters -Rocker Arm Ratio: 1.5 Compression Ratio: 10.2:1 Air Gap RPM Intake Manifold 650CFM Holley - Chokeless 6AL MSD Electronic Ignition

57 chevy 350 engine test run
my 1957 chevy bel air 350/420 hp engine bench test

Dyno 68 Camaro before ARAO Engineering 32v conversion and after on 350 cu in Chevy street race.
Arao Engineering @ www.araoengineering.com, Dyno test with standard 2v heads and then converted to 4v, 32v heads to test difference.

Desktop Engine Build: 1965 Chevelle 350-Video
When it came time to plan the engine in our 1965 Chevelle project, we tossed around a couple ideas, but decided to modify the 350 that came with the car. It's a parts-store remanufactured 4-bolt 350 V8 with less than 10000 miles on it. The bottom end is ideal for a mild street engine, but we didn't like the crappy lo-performance cast iron heads and weak camshaft. So before we turned a single wrench, we turned to our handy copy of Dynomation engine simulation and Dyno software to help us build a smooth 400 horsepower version of our engine. Dynomation helps you select cams, heads, compression ratios, Exhaust.. all elements of engine design and then simulate Dyno pulls and evaluate parts changes, all without buying a single part. It's a great way to hone-in on your ideal combination without having to spend extra money and time doing things twice.