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Antilag & Backfire Shooters
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Grand Theft Auto 5 - Amazing Audi R8 Mod (Cunning Stunts)
Grand Theft Auto 5 - Amazing Audi R8 Mod (Cunning Stunts) Today, Cunning Stunts takes GTA Online racing to epic new heights with a series of 16 brand-new, high-octane Stunt Races that feature everything from winding tubular tracks amongst Los Santos’ tallest skyscrapers to technical courses through canyons, over water and across the desert. Stunt Races utilize ramps, loops, wall rides, tubes, raised tracks and dynamic objects for a radically new take on GTA Online racing. This is unlike anything you’ve seen before: tracks coiling up into the sky, skyscraper jumps, turbo-Boosted corkscrews at 20,000 feet... and that’s before you get to the giant bowling pins and the rings of fire. STUNT RACES Races run the gamut with unique locations across San Andreas and feature harrowing heights, incredible speeds and a dazzling spectacle of fireworks, lights, sounds and stomach-churning twists and turns. Rockstar-created Stunt Races at launch include: Canyon Crossing | City Air | Downtown Loop | Duel | East Coast | Maze Bank Ascent | Nightlife | Over and Under | Plummet | Racing Alley | Rally | Splits | Threading the Needle | Trench I | Turbine | Vinewood Downhill To get instant access to these brand-new Stunt Races packed with like-minded adrenaline junkies, just look out for the pink Stunt Series blips scattered across Los Santos and Blaine County, and enter one to get taken straight into a series of Stunt Races. Grand Theft Auto 5 - Amazing Audi R8 Mod (Cunning Stunts) it’s a brave new stunt-filled world out there in GTA Online, and you’re going to need some serious horsepower if you want to keep up. Lucky for you, 13 vehicles new to GTA Online are here to meet your every need: from the avant-garde stylings of the RE-7B to the utter brutality of Vapid’s Trophy Truck, no matter how unhinged your heart’s desires we’ve got you covered. Super: Annis RE-7B, Emperor ETR1, Progen Tyrus Sports: Lampadati Tropos Rallye, Obey Omnis Compacts: Grotti Brioso R/A Off Road: Vapid Desert Raid, Vapid Trophy Truck Motorbikes: Nagasaki BF400, Western Gargoyle Muscle: Declasse Burger Shot Stallion, Vapid Pisswasser Dominator, Bravado Redwood Gauntlet and GTA 5 Amazing Audi R8 (Cunning Stunts) SIX NEW RACES The Super, Muscle, Sports, Bikes and Off-Road classes can compete, plummet and get airborne through rings of fire in a new collection of Races taking place throughout Los Santos and Blaine County: Afterburner (Bikes) There was a time when jumping through a wreath of flame on a poorly engineered chopper was enough to give even the most jaded patriot a semi. Grand Theft Auto 5 - Amazing Audi R8 Mod (Cunning Stunts) Those simple days are gone, but apply the same formula a thousand feet above an urban area in the middle of the night and you stand a decent chance of a sudden rush of blood to the crotch. Spectacular Stunt Race for Bikes. Enjoy The Video Grand Theft Auto 5 - Amazing Audi R8 Mod (Cunning Stunts) ● mod used in this video | Audi R8 LMS 2015 | ● ● Help me to get 1000 Subscriber ● Subscribe Here For More Videos ● ► Previous Videos ► GTA 5 Die Hard 4.0 Movie Scene (Car vs Helicopter):- ► ► GTA 5 Bike Riding up Building ► ► GTA 5 - Tokyo Drift Montage (Han's RX7) ► ► GTA 5 - Epic Guinness World Record (Remake) ► ● Follow Me:- ● Twitter:- ● Facebook:- ● Google+:- ● instagram:-

Heffner Twin Turbo 2012 V10 Audi R8 Spider Dyno
Dyno footage of a Heffner Twin turbo 2012 Audi R8 Spider making 850 horsepower.

Watch the Mumbai Audi R8 Incident Full Video A silver grey Audi R8 caught fire on the Bandra-Worli sealink today morning. Fortunately for the driver, participants of the Parx Supercar Show 2013 were on their parade in the morning on that stretch at that precise time. Some of them pulled out off the parade, stopped and pulled the driver out before the car went up in a blaze. The Audi R8 was not a part of the supercar show. Industrialist Gautam Singhania is understood to have gotten off his car to help the driver. subscribe for more