E55 AMG 40-300 kmh, PEJA, LEONIS O, KOSOVO

E55 AMG 40-300 kmh, PEJA, LEONIS O, KOSOVO

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Yugoslavia: Kosovo: PEC: KLA Return Home - 1999
English/Nat K-L-A soldiers continue to make their way down from the hills around Kosovo to take their place among the community in towns like Pec. Now that the conflict has ended and the K-L-A can unabashedly mix among civilians, Serb residents in Pec are increasingly concerned for their own safety in the face of ethnic Albanian hostility against them. Italian troops as part of NATO's K-FOR mission in the town are working to disarm the soldiers before tensions lead to potentially violent standoffs. But a K-L-A commander who spoke with APTN said Serb civilians will not be harmed in any way by his men. The streets of the northwestern Kosovo city of Pec are being filled not only with ethnic Albanians civilians returning home, but with Kosovo Liberation Army soldiers. The K-L-A rebels have spent months hiding in the hills around Pec and elsewhere in Kosovo securing positions in their fight against Serb armed forces. Now that the conflict has ended, K-L-A members are mingling again, out of hiding and in clear view. Their visible presence has raised fears among Serb civilians in the area that reprisals could break out in retaliation for the months of oppression and apparent massacres by Serb forces against ethnic Albanians. NATO has tried repeatedly to reassure Serbs living in Kosovo that their safety will be looked after just like the Kosovar Albanians. They want to send the message that although Serb soldiers are pulling out of the province, Serb civilians will remain protected. One K-L-A commander who goes by the name 'Ramush' spoke to APTN as his men made their way back into Pec. Ramush claimed that his forces needed to keep an eye on some Serb civilians, whom he suspected of having links with the outgoing Serb military. SOUNDBITE: (English) "I would explain that even some of the civilians that are in Kosovo - they are not only civilians but as part of the special troops - Serbian special troops - at which point, they are in the field with bad intentions." SUPER CAPTION: 'Ramush,' K-L-A commander But he insisted that Serb civilians and others living in Kosovo - despite their fears - will not be harmed. SOUNDBITE: (English) "We never would like to risk or to destroy any value of the Serbians or the people from Montenegro living here or the other people. In any way, we were taking care in the full time about some of the values of the religion which are in Kosovo, like the monasteries and like the cemeteries, the buried people, and we was sic following too about (to protect) the property." SUPER CAPTION: 'Ramush,' K-L-A commander Italian soldiers who make up the contingent of NATO's K-FOR forces in Pec are busy trying to disarm those K-L-A members they come across in the street. They have not yet issued a strict deadline or order for mass disarmament, but are dealing with rebel soldiers they come across in small groups and taking their weapons. NATO is eager to show they are taking control of the towns and villages of Kosovo so as not to let the K-L-A fill the security vacuum left by withdrawing Serb forces. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/f717523daf5be1ced0ecad9c56f241bc Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork

E55 AMG W210 300 kmh
E55 AMG W210 débridée usine.

Pejë, Kosovo drone footage 1080 HD (Rron Lluka)
A smal clip that was taken form phantom 2 with a GoPro in Peja, Kosovo This video was not sponsored by Hotel Dukagjini or any other brands shown in the video. Don't forget to like and subscribe.