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My 1996 saturn SL1

these are the modification i did myself to my beloved car


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1996 Saturn SL Black for sale
Short video walkaround and test drive of a 1996 Saturn SL Black for sale

1996 Saturn SL2 5-spd Walkaround
Pretty nice car back in the day but this one has seen better days....hard to believe someone actually bought it.

1999 Saturn SL1 stuck in first gear
For my own particular situation the shift cable housing separated from the mounting ring. This took some time to diagnose since the shift cable -- which is connected to the forward and back movement of the stick -- continued to operate as one would expect. Under the hood, I examined the 'control tower' and found the selector cable appeared to be seized. After taking to a mechanic, he informed the shift cable arm (on the control tower) must be in a vertical orientation to enable the selector cable to move the selector cable arm. When the first is vertical, the second can move as intended. The control tower housing is on top of the transmission. It is a silver colored metal component with the gear selection emblem embossed on it in reverse order and arms off the back (toward the cab) where the cables connect. Mine was covered in grime and difficult to see -- it's also slightly nested under the battery. The control tower is what selects your gear in the transmission. If your ability to shift between gears came on suddenly, I suspect your linkage (i.e. shift and selector cables) are to blame. That was my own scenario. If it turns out your situation is the same as my own bear in mind you must replace the shift and selector cables as a pair since they are surrounded by a rubber gasket that attaches to the floor of the car. In my reviews of available parts, the local parts stores (O'Reilly, Autozone, etc.) sell inferior cables that have been reported to kink. The mechanic I visited was kind enough to provide a free diagnosis and let me walk. I chose to walk since he quoted me over $600 for the repair. His basis: 2.25 hour repair @ $115/hr + $325 part. The only genuine Saturn part available in the state I might add. (Parts for '99 Saturn's are becoming increasingly hard to come by.) I was able to find the genuine Saturn part at a junk yard for $20 and repair the problem in around 1.5 hours. Nothing like sweat equity. If this explanation does not resolve your problem, you might try the Saturn forum located here: http://www.saturnfans.com/forums/showthread.php?t=165940&highlight=selector +pin&page=3 This is where I got a bit of direction on my own issue (which I have relayed here). Many wise and willing individuals will share their insight.

1999 Saturn SL1 Shifter Bushing Repair
Installing a new shift linkage bushing on my 1999 Saturn SL1. The part was purchased from Jerry Borshard, aka saturnbushingman on ebay.

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