Stock 72 dodge dart 318 0-60

318, Rebuilt engine to stock specs, 2bbl cater BBD. I got 9 seconds flat, no launch, eased on the throttle. 2.76 rear end. I could probably do the best of 8.5 seconds if i launch. I have a heavy speaker box, spare tire, and tools in the trunk.

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1970 Dodge Dart Glasspack Dual Exhaust
My son and I just picked up this 1970 Dodge Dart with a 318 in it. It has a Glass Pack dual Exhaust. Not a huge fan of the way the glass packs sound, but they are pretty badass on the 318. I figured that I would put a video of how the 318 and Glasspacks sound before I put the 5.7 Hemi and another Exhaust on it. You can see my boy all happy in the drivers seat.

1973 Dodge Dart highway acceleration IN KPH
Driving the 1973 Dart on the highway, some light acceleration. 318 / 904 Stock bore/stroke Edelbrock Cam Edelbrock Streetmaster 318 intake Holley 650 va sec Hooker headers true dual 2.5" dumping at rear axle 8.25 open dif with a 3.23

1974 Plymouth Valiant stock 318 2 bbl
Me running my 60k mile all original Plymouth Valiant with a 318 2bbl 8 1/4 rear end with 3.21s

Some 0 to 60's in my 73 Duster
Doin some 0 - 60's in my 1973 Duster.