Stock 72 dodge dart 318 0-60

318, Rebuilt engine to stock specs, 2bbl cater BBD. I got 9 seconds flat, no launch, eased on the throttle. 2.76 rear end. I could probably do the best of 8.5 seconds if i launch. I have a heavy speaker box, spare tire, and tools in the trunk.

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Some 0 to 60's in my 73 Duster
Doin some 0 - 60's in my 1973 Duster.

1973 Dodge Dart highway acceleration IN KPH
Driving the 1973 Dart on the highway, some light acceleration. 318 / 904 Stock bore/stroke Edelbrock Cam Edelbrock Streetmaster 318 intake Holley 650 va sec Hooker headers true dual 2.5" dumping at rear axle 8.25 open dif with a 3.23

1970 AAR 'Cuda 0-60+ MPH
1970 Plymouth AAR 'Cuda Engine: 340 Six Pack V8, 3 Speed Automatic, 290HP

Low Dollar 318 Plymouth Duster 0-80
Remember, 2.76 gears, stock converter, Exhaust manifolds.