Driving a NASCAR Stock Car

I drive a stock car around Texas Motor Speedway.

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iRacing vs. NASCAR: A 17-year-old sim racer's first real drive
Michael Conti is a 17-year-old high school student from N.J. with aspirations of becoming a professional race car driver. In many ways, Conti has achieved part of his dream, as he is the 2014 NASCAR PEAK Antifreeze Series champion on the online racing sim, iRacing. But while handy on a computer, Conti has very little real-world driving experience, and the fastest he has ever driven is 85 mph in his dad's 2003 Chevy Impala. That is, until Yahoo Autos sent him to Las Vegas Motor Speedway and put him behind the wheel of an actual 600+hp stock car.

NASCAR Racing Experience
Nascar racing experience at Charlotte Motor Speedway. First time in a NASCAR racecar and set the time to beat for the day! What an awesome experience. I'd recommend it to anyone interested in racing. Much better than the Richard Petty driving school. You can see in the video that there were no pace cars and you were allowed to pass. SWEET! Got three 8 minute runs and I figure I ran approx. 25 - 30 laps?? Don't know for sure. The third session they jump the rev limiter up 500 RPMs. Big difference!

Killer Cow Productions Presents: The Leno sisters travel to Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama for a little NASCAR action. Teaming up with the Dale Jarrett Racing School, they race around the track 6 times (with 3 being up to speed). It's well worth the $. Thanks to the crew who let me take the camera on board!

My NASCAR driving experience
This is a video of me driving at Atlanta Motor Speedway. 6 laps around the track...You are seeing what I saw. Notice that glare...the 20 degree banking and how very close that wall is! Yea, so I stalled the car...I was nervous. Yea, so I had the instuctor asist me near that wall...I wanted to live you know! It was very difficult to follow the line given, and really hard to see it with the banking of the track....Hey, at least I can say I did it! I managed around 140 once I got the hang of it. Not bad for a 50 year old! Yea... I lift up on the throttle near that wall don;t I...BUT I EVEN PASSED SOMEONE!!!