Mazda Rotary in Action

See a Mazda Rotary engine in action. A cutaway view of a model from the Detroit International Auto Show.

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Mazda Rotary Dyno Massive 1664HP This engine has massive HP, WOW Awsome also on Mazda Rotary Queen Street Racing 4rotor GT60 1664HP

Rotary engine
rotary engine, 6,000 rpm

Mini Scale Mazda Rotary single rotor engine demonstration (Aoshima MSP2)
Aoshima model Mazda Rotary Engine ... Nicely detailed 1/5 scale ready-built working model of the unusual engine. Rotor turns as the crankshaft is rotated. These are DISCONTINUED by the manufacturer, but we have a stash of them available at our store here: msp2-engine-moveable-all-chrome-1-5-scale/

Mazda Rx8 4 rotors