Ryan Garcia SKF Lancer 8.72 @ TTUNDRA Private Test

Ryan Garcia SKF Lancer 8.72 with 1.26 60ft @ TTUNDRA Private Test Day. TTUNDRA did some private testing today (18th January 2014) and invited some club members to bring their cars so they (TTUNDRA) sort out their New Timing system , so the next event will run smoothly with no technical delays. Drivers will be getting spot on Reaction Times , 60ft , 1/4 Mile and MPH Results. Its is also possible to now do Dial In Runs so slower cars in a specific class can still have a chance to win. The date will be announced soon for the 1st Official TTUNDRA Drag Event of 2014. Stay tuned !!!!

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TTUNDRA Drag Racing - Competition Event 23rd March 2014
TTUNDRA Drag Racing - Competition Event 23rd March 2014

SKF Lancer 8.77 and 8.65 NEW CAMDEN SPORT COMPACT TRACK RECORD !! Today at the TTUNDRA Drag Event #2 in the Camden Airstrip Couva, Ryan Garcia returned with his SKF Full Chassis Lancer RWD with 4G Power and his Team in search of Full passes. They managed to make a the Fastest Pass ever by a Car and showing the type of Potential the Track Surface has, also with the good Preparedness of TTUNDRA.The first full pass they achieve a 8.7 seconds , followed by a better and astonishing 8.65 seconds !!! Congrats and Good Job to Ryan and the Crew !!!

FugiTECH Test Drive 2 - Experimenting :P

Ashton RB25DET Lancer - Problems @ TTUNDRA Event#3 Night Drags
Ashton came to the TTUNDRA Event#3 Night Drags to basically do some testing and get experience with the new changes to his 1984 Mitsubishi Lancer EX 1/2 Chassis, of a new Liberty 5 Speed Box and More Power on the RB25DET engine it carries. Unfortunately he did not get a full pass but this is a project to look out for soon