one up offroad truck

Just messin around on our way to go fishing. and ya lockers were not engaged.

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Motorhome Mud Bogging
Motorhome Mud Bogging...

4x4 Stuck at the Beach in Al Aqaa - High Tide Sea Water Coming In!
When the owner of the 4x4 arrived back with help he was quite shocked to see the high tide lapping around his car, burying it further in the sand! Local tractor dude does a reasonable job with some coaching from a local 'expert' who promptly got himself stuck after the original 4x4 and tractor had left!

Biggest street legal Ford 350 in Europe 54 inch tires in snow action - Iceland
biggest ford 350 in Europe icelandic snow action... Be cool, visit iceland! Now that we have reached 3 million views we will pick a winner for a winter tour. Winner will be announced here and sent a message. See what we are doing on facebook (new page)

Car Gets Taken By Large Waves At Zuma Beach, California
A life guard SUV gets taken in by the large waves at Zuma Beach, California