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Pot Belly Stove First Burn Oct 19th 2014
If the stove was filled with coal, it would burn 7-8 hours. I didn't have the time today. We do have over 700lbs of coal on hand for the stove. Some hardwood ...

Part 18 "Nobody Listens to Turtle" (North Shore Movie) Hawaii
Release pressure from filler cap when cold, or POOF... 88 mph! Hi Scott Owen...1.21 Gigawatts...Twin Pines Mall...heh heh...Run4it.

The Project Part 17 Waffling along with the Wood-Coal Stove on Coal.
Unsure about installing a damper. Waffling along with the project. Coal burns really hot. No worries staying warm this winter. Also, pulled the passenger seat to ...

The World is Going Insane (See Luke 21)
I've been busy watching it unfold....escape the cities in 2015.