05 GTO vs SRT 4

05 GTO with Exhaust, intake, and a chip Vs. SRT 4 with every imaginable bolt on haha

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SRT4 vs. GTO 6.0L
My bolt on SRT4 vs. My friends stock GTO 6.0L For all you haters here is my mod list. I have a ghetto fuel controller (map clamp), adjustable wastegate, aftermarket Intercooler, and a 3" downpipe that can be opened shortly after the turbo. I was running 18lbs of Boost on the stock turbo. I run 12.7 at the track with slicks.

Cammed 06 GTO vs Srt-4
Ls2 GTO with after market cam, full Exhaust, gears, drag radials vs full bolt on stage 3 srt-4 on street tires.


GTO burnout 2005
Just me rippin up the tires before i got the new rims and tires on. Couldn't hold it out for to long. Shoulda seen the tires after i got them of haha. Straight down to the wires :0