Top fuel dragster on board video

On board video from Scott Palmer's top fuel dragster making a test pass down the 1/8 mile at the Street Machine Shootout at Ozarks Raceway. This is quite the ride!

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FASTEST STREET CAR IN THE WORLD! Larry Larson runs 6.95 @ 209 on Drag Week!!! Larry Larson proves his car once again to be the fastest street car in the world by completing Hot Rod Magazin'es Drag Week 2010 AND making the first 6 second pass in Drag Week history! Not only did he make a 6 second pass, but he made that pass after driving 1200 miles on country roads, rain, and he did it 20 minutes after a 7.005 pass, hot lapping the car!

1,000hp Willys Army Jeep TAKES FLIGHT
Our friend Justin in his V8 LSx Willys had the CRAZIEST wheelie bumper stand this weekend HITTING THE BACK BUMPER on the way up!  The nasty old 1952 Army Willys Jeep is powered by a 4.8L 292 cubic inch V8, D1 ProCharger Supercharger, a TON of Nitrous Express Nitrous, and controlled by a Megasquirt MS3 ECU.  We just can’t get enough of this Jeep! …by the way, he still ran a 7.1 in the 1/8 on this pass! hahah Be on the look out for the new CORPORAL PUNISHMENT Willys Jeep coming soon!!

Inside YOUR MOM at the Track
Who would have known YOUR MOM is so fast! :P We got a crack out of this car’s name and it made for some fun radio chatter. You may have seen YOUR MOM on Discovery's STREET OUTLAWS TV Show, it was awesome to run into him and the crew at the REDEMPTION No-Prep race at Texas Raceway... this badass Nitrous powered Nova screams down the track! When he lined up with this Camaro, the outcome was closer than we expected!

The Green Mile - Bagged Turbo Street Wagon!
This was one of the LAST things we expected to see at the Redemption no-prep race at Texas Raceway! This badass 6.0L turbo-charged wagon, also known as the “Green Mile”, is the definition of a SLEEPER!! It’s not uncommon to get a few laughs as it rolls up to the tree and airs out the bags, only to hush everybody immediately while knocking out his two opponents with ease. This is clearly NOT a station wagon you want to be lined up against. Good luck to John and his badass build! We hope to see more of this beast hurting some feelings at future no-prep events!!