1994 Corvette C4 Acceleration

This is my dad's Admiral Blue LT1 corvette. It has Exhaust mods and aftermarket rims. The rest of the car is stock with 80K.

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0 bis 255 km/h // 1992 Corvette C4 LT1
Durchdrehende Reifen den kompletten ersten Gang bis 65 km/h... Fahrzeug hat die kurze 3.54er Übersetzung und 6-Gang Getriebe , daher ist bei 255 Sachen Schluss.. Mit einer anderen Hinterachse wären rund 275 km/h möglich...

7 Rules for Buying Your First C4
Check out this awesome video about what to look for and how to choose your first C4 Corvette.

C4 Corvette 0-60, Burnout, Flybys and more!
I originally planned on filming everything yesterday, but since it was so windy I decided to put it on hold until I could find a day where there wasn't that much wind. Thankfully, that day was today. Figured I would get some videos in of some acceleration runs, a 0-60, some flybys and a quick walk around of my car. Major thanks to my girlfriend for standing outside in the freezing cold to film the flyby runs. For anyone that wants to know what software I used for editing, I use Pinnacle Studio 15. I hope you all enjoy it. Thanks everyone!

0-60 MPH In 1994 Corvette
This is a bone stock lt1 vette, 0-60 test with some extra footage. Lots of more video's coming!