Long Jump Greatest Compilation

A compilation of the biggest jumps from the best long jumpers of all time! Enjoy! Music: The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony For more great videos, subscribe to my channel!

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Top 10 female long jumpers of all time
Most of my videos have been with male athletes so far, so here's another women's top 10 to balance it out:-)

The best long jump battle in history
This video is about the world championship long jump battle between nine time Olympic gold medalist Carl Lewis and current world record holder Mike Powell.

Long Jump Motivation
Video includes: Mike Powell, Bob Beamon, Carl Lewis, Ivan Pedroso, Irving Salidino, Dwight Phillips, Aleksandr Menkov, Mitchell Watt, Eusebio Caceres & Fabrice Lapierre.

Top 10 triple jumpers of all time (men)
Here's a ranking about the best triple jumpers of all time ! ↓ MUSICS AND LIST ↓ MUSICS : Music 1 : Life Is - Cosimo Fogg 201 Music 2 : Noir - S Strong & Boogie Belgique Music 3 : These City Streets - BigAlBeatz Music 4 : The Rover - S Strong Music 5 : Always (Vlog Music) - Dj Quads LIST : 1. Jonathan Edwards (GBR) 2. Christian Taylor (USA) 3. Mike Conley (USA) 4. Kenny Harrison (USA) 5. Victor Sanyeyev (USSR) 6. Teddy Tamgho (FRA) 7. Willie Banks (USA) 8. Pedro Pablo Pichardo (CUB) 9. Khristo Markov (BUL) 10. Adhemar Da Silva (BRA)