My 14b AWD Eagle Talon, in car footage

This is a video I found of some in car footage. I had the camera mounted to the rear strut tower bar. As evident in the video, at this particular track I could not drive around the burn out box. So I did a little AWD burnout o clear some of the water from the tires.

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GymKhana Practice - Japan Style
This is an old video of my buddy Charlie doing a pratice run at the local high school parking lot they use to let us use. Please excuse the quality. The video is about 9 years old and digital media was not the greatest yet. Charlie use to run some wicked times in his Hachi-Roku.

Mom's Reaction To Riding The HX35 1991 Eagle Talon Tsi 4g63 | 4K Subscriber Special
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Eagle Vision cam camera mount adaptor for Any Scope
Eagle Vision cam camera mount adaptor for Any Scope

Talon TSI AWD 14b w/ o2 dump sound clip
Quick little sound clip of 14b w/ o2 dump. 3" Exhaust, FMIC, etc...