Episode 14 Season 2 part 2 Replacing a gasketed windshield Autorestomod.flv

http://www.autorestomod.com Rate Comment and Subscribe! In this video: http://nationalpartsdepot.com http://www.summitracing.com Replacing a gasketed windshield. Our 1967 Mustang gets new NPD glass and some Summit glazing compound. Booyah!

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Operation Mustang windshield install made easy

Rusty Roof Replacement - 1968 Cougar
If you have an old car that came with a vinyl top, chances are that you have some rust issues in the roof. This was the case with Andrew's car - a 1968 Mercury Cougar that his grandparents bought brand new in '68. In this video, Andrew takes matters into his own hands to replace his rusted roof skin with a solid donor roof from another car. He is by no means a restoration expert, just an amateur trying to save some money and save his car. Need a roof or other body panels for your classic Cougar? West Coast Classic Cougar has it all. Check us out at http://www.cougarpartscatalog.com or give us a call at (503) 463-1130 . (c) 2011 West Coast Classic Cougar, Inc. Music in the video is from royalty-free sources, except for the Toccata and Fugue in D (used during the brief B&W horror sequence). Performed by Peter Hurford. An advertisement appears on this video in order to pay royalties to the copyright holder, not for our own gain.

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