DSM highway pull

Just a little highway pull coming home from the GMU meet

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DSM Green 20PSI Highway Pull
I was being taunted by someone, So I decided to do a 20psi pull passed them. I believe I was doing 60-90ish though the pull. I'm sure they won't be trying to race me anytime soon HAHA! Enjoy!! Bolt-on Modifications: FP green turbo, FP manifold, Greddy front mount/piping/bov, 3" Megan racing turbo back Exhaust, Injen cold air intake, ACT 2100 Clutch, Fidanza lightweight flywheel, pte 880's, Aeromotive afpr, B&M short throw ,walbro 255 W/rewire. Engine Management: DSMlink V.3, Greddy profec b E. Boost Controller, greddy oil press/Boost gauge, AEM wideband. Engine Internals: Arias forged pistons, Eagle rods, HKS 264/272 cams, ported head w/ swirl polished ss valves, arp rod/main/head studs, Cosmetic hg, bse kit. Suspension Modifications: Eibach Pro Springs

BEST EVER 1G DSM Compilation!!
All 1G AWD turbo Talons/Eclipse! Best one on youtube!! This will be the best 10min of you life if your a DSM fan! the music is awesome and so are the pictures! First song is "Dragway DSM by Filthy" second song is "Under the Knife by Raise Against" third song is "I will not Bow by Breaking Benjamin fourth song is off of the movie "Step up 2" Hope you enjoy :)

500+hp DSM Eclipse on the streets - In car video
On the way back from a race. Driving the car on hoosier tires, kinda wobly. Turned the Boost down to 26psi from 32psi I've got an AEM EMS in this car. That day it went 10.6@130mph on pump gas. Few weeks later it went 9.6@148mph on "race gas" https://youtu.be/0zXDxix8m-w

Battle of the DSMs (The Rematch)
Matt vs Dave. 97 GSX vs 97 TSi AWD. Big turbo DSMs square off from a roll