DSM highway pull

Just a little highway pull coming home from the GMU meet

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The RED DEMON - 8 Second Talon
The Boostin' Performance RED DEMON dominating the Gangster class at KOTS X... This car is NO JOKE, nearly 1000hp to the wheels and with low 8 second E/T's... it's no wonder it KILLED the game and finally represented the AWD cars at KOTS! Congrats on the win guys.

500+hp DSM Eclipse on the streets - In car video
On the way back from a race. Driving the car on hoosier tires, kinda wobly. Turned the Boost down to 26psi from 32psi I've got an AEM EMS in this car. That day it went 10.6@130mph on pump gas. Few weeks later it went 9.6@148mph on "race gas" https://youtu.be/0zXDxix8m-w

DSM Green 20PSI Highway Pull
I was being taunted by someone, So I decided to do a 20psi pull passed them. I believe I was doing 60-90ish though the pull. I'm sure they won't be trying to race me anytime soon HAHA! Enjoy!! Bolt-on Modifications: FP green turbo, FP manifold, Greddy front mount/piping/bov, 3" Megan racing turbo back Exhaust, Injen cold air intake, ACT 2100 Clutch, Fidanza lightweight flywheel, pte 880's, Aeromotive afpr, B&M short throw ,walbro 255 W/rewire. Engine Management: DSMlink V.3, Greddy profec b E. Boost Controller, greddy oil press/Boost gauge, AEM wideband. Engine Internals: Arias forged pistons, Eagle rods, HKS 264/272 cams, ported head w/ swirl polished ss valves, arp rod/main/head studs, Cosmetic hg, bse kit. Suspension Modifications: Eibach Pro Springs

Credit: slackerm1 http://www.youtube.com/slackerm1