How to Tune Nitro Engine Version 2 In this video tutorial basically I am following all the basic rules that apply to Nitro Engine tuning. I have previously posted a couple of videos on this topic. In this video you will see the approach in a very practical way using the ACME Attacker 1/8 scale nitro powered 4WD off road buggy that is equipped with SH18 engine.

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Beginner Nitro Engine Issues n how to fix them I have been receiving emails where people constantly ask same questions over and over again. Well here is one tutorial to sum up all the answers to those questions like, Engine quits right after I pull the ignitor out, Why my pull start snapped, Why my buggy takes off right after starting, why I cant tune the engine blah blah. Well watch it and have fun by learning all those concepts here.

RedCat Nitro Engine Tuning Guide Pt 2 -- Tuning This is RedCat Racing's Video Guide to Nitro Engine Tuning Part 2. In this video you learn to listen to engine and observe the lean and rich effects of HSN (High Speed Needle) and LSN (Low Speed needle) and properly you're your RC Nitro Engine. This vide has a part 1 that describes basics of nitro engine tuning. If you haven't watched it yet, I will highly recommend you watch it first. In Part 3 of this video we will see the effects of these Valve Lean and Rich settings on nitro engine while driving. So do watch the whole series if you wanna learn to tune the nitro engines.

How To Put a Basic Tune On a Nitro Engine (Tuning 101)
In this video I go through one of several ways to tune a nitro engine effectively. The engine showcased in the video is the Kyosho KE25 Big Block Nitro Engine. Be sure to check out the rest of my channel for more informative nitro videos! I usually upload videos weekly! If you have any questions feel free to leave them below and I will do my best to help you out! Thanks for watching! Have a blessed day!

World Champs Paul & Cody King Nitro Tuning Tips~ Velocity RC Magazine
2010 1/8 Nitro Buggy IFMAR World Champion Cody King and his awesome pitman/dad Paul King, offer up some advice on tuning your nitro mill to win! Check out Velocity RC Magazine Issue #4 for the full article on finding that perfect tune. Driver_ Cody King Pit Man_ Paul King Camera_ Derek Buono Intro_ Wes While Editing_ Jeff Eveleigh