Nano-Sheen Lou Santiago SEMA.m4v

Lou Santiago talks about Nano-Sheen Waterless Wash & Shine from CleanBoost at SEMA 2010

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How to Waterless Car Wash - Proper & Professional Detailing Ultima Waterless Wash Plus +
UWW+ Review This video demonstrates how to properly waterless wash your car, truck, suv, and motorcycle. I use Ultima Waterless Plus as the waterless wash in this video, which is essentially a diluted down rinseless wash and quick detailer. Some detailers argue that ultima waterless wash is the best waterless wash. Make sure to subscribe to the SON1C Wax YouTube Channel for more detailing videos! Instagram @ son1cwax Make sure to watch in 1080p HD!

1971 GMC Truck Build with Lou Santiago, Episode Two
Lou Santiago builds a 71 GMC truck in the first episode of GarageInsiderTV. The Industrial Depot's 40 Year Anniversary Truck Build. The Industrial Depot, Astro Bolt & Nut started back in 1973 and they are bringing back there 1st Delivery truck! Lou Santiago will show the build of the GMC Truck from start to finish! Thanks to YearOne, Industrial Depot, Jet Equipment, Harris, & Lincoln Electric Music Lic By Killer Tracks Drivin Hard Media Group

How to test Ceramic Pro by Nanoshine
Ceramic Pro coating by Nanoshine - the world's best nanoceramic protective coatings for cars. In this video we are offering you to see this for yourselves by carrying out a simple test, using our product and a protective coating you have though the best up to now. For more information call us: skype: dmitriy824 Welcome to test our products.We are new in the car-care market since we were more focus on the industrial coatings.Since 2011 we start to develop some solution for car-care market and CeramicPRO 9H is the highest level that we only sell to the professional detailer. CeramicPRO 9H is a permanent bonding solution which will be on the top of car lacquer permanently.Once CeramicPRO 9H cured, you can NOT be able to remove it by chemicals. The only way to remove it is machine polishing.From my knowledge, I think most of coatings in the car-care market will be removed by some extremely strong solvents.Of course people don't take solvent to wash cars and I am trying to say this is why most of the coatings will be removed by either washing or weather parameters...etc.I think this is the major difference if you take other coatings to compare with CeramicPRO 9H. It's highly appreciated if you can watch the following two videos before you start the testing.a) is the video that we show you how to operate CeramicPRO 9H properly. b) is the video that we suggest you how to compare CeramicPRO 9H with others. I do respect you that you are the professional in this field and you may have your own test method.However above videos are what we used to present to others and please give us your comments any time. Thanks again for testing our products and please kindly contact us if you have any further questions. Best regards, Ceramic PRO, car protection, car paint protection, nanoceramic, Nanoshine, protective coating, car detailing, auto detailing, car polish, new car paint protection

Waterless Car Wash - Chemical Guys Hose Free EcoWash - How To Wash Cars in Winter
Hose Free ECOwash =18676&utm_source=Social&utm_medium=YouTube&utm_campaign=CWS_888_16 Chemical Guys Hose Free ECOwash THE NO HOSE AUTO WASH. Imagine being able to wash your entire auto without a hose. Chemical Guys Hose Free ECOwash delivers a super high shine without the hose! Utilizing a high-shine polymer rich formula Chemical Guys Hose-Free ECOwash delivers the slickest lubricity and mirror wet high shine finish. Wash, shine, protect and pro-long without the need for a mess or a hose. Don't have access to a hose? To cold where you live to wash your auto outside? You can wash your entire auto delivering a super high shine in half the time with HOSE FREE ECOwash. This unique car wash formula allows you to properly wash your vehicle without the need to rinse the vehicle down with a hose. Just pour one ounce per gallon of water in your bucket and you have paint safe and hose free washing solution. Wash your vehicle like normal and then proceed right to drying. The extremely slick formula helps you wash with ease and contaminants simply glide off the paint. This formula also has gloss enhancing additives and polymers which make the paint look amazing after the wash as well. This is perfect for mobile detailers or anyone who likes to detail while traveling. Some apartment complexes do not provide hose access, so you can still wash your car with this formula. Too much direct sun and high temperatures can make your vehicle prone to water mark etchings while washing. Water marks look terrible and can be very tough to remove so it's important to be careful while washing. If you normally wash in direct sun and high temperatures you can now wash the vehicle inside your garage without the fear of water marks. If you live in area with freezing cold temperatures this formula allows you to wash inside or outside without the hose. The versatility of this formula is outstanding and makes it a must have for virtually any detailer. Hose Free ECOwash is environmentally friendly with it's bio-degradable formula while helping you conserve water. A normal wash can use more than 100 gallons of water while this solution only requires a couple of gallons at most. Therefore you conserve tons of water and help out the environment. The Chemical Guys Hose Free ECOwash allows you to wash your vehicle anywhere and anytime while being environmentally friendly. We just wanted to let everyone know how thankful we are to have such an amazing group of clients, customer and friends worldwide. You are what makes Chemical Guys Great! Thank you for the many years to wonderful feedback, and for sharing your experiences with us. We look forward to many more great years! Thank you. We are constantly striving to create an even better detailing experience for you, our customer. Feel free to send us feedback!