Bentley Continental Flying Spur Mulliner Bentley Continental Flying Spur Mulliner, mulliner flying spur .march 31,2008. diamond black with black quilted leather and portland contrast stitch. wood wheel. reverse camera. sunroof. bluetooth with Bentley privacy handset. 20" Mulliner alloys. TV tuner, electirc boot opening/closure, Nav Trak makers warranty 31/3/2011. 33,000 miles, SOLD

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Award winning automotive journalist Tom Voelk tests the Bentley Flying Spur. The review also includes foot space for his size 11s, bluetooth connectivity (if the car has it), and the ever popular Toliet Paper (TP) test.

2008 Bentley Flying Spur
2007 Continental Flying Spur Bentley is a leader of the ultra-premier car market, and the Continental is designed for discriminating tastes that demand the finest in style, function, and comfort. It's a handcrafted car with a powerful motor and a spacious interior with a long list of features. Craftsmanship is of the highest standard where it is especially noticeable on the inside with the fit and finish of soft and supple materials that are seamlessly integrated. Nothing makes a statement quite like driving a Bentley. After entering this car and pushing the keyless start button you are unleashing a 552 horsepower motor with 12 monstrous cylinders. Consistent with the rest of the car it has a resonance that's refined. You can hear the power, but it's not overbearing and allows for comfortable driving. The Bentley Continental is based on an all wheel drive chassis that handles well for its size. It corners and steers intuitively with ease. Oversized brakes help stop this car from 60 miles per hour within 117 feet. It's impressive performance capacity is misleading considering its true qualities are in its design for sophistication and comfort. Once inside this Bentley is where you truly can enjoy what this car has to offer. Not to say that the exterior is anything less than great, but the best way to experience this Bentley is from the inside. Premium soft and supple leather stretch from the dash to the doors and seats. Contrast colored stitching and a diamond stitch design on the seats add flare for further eye appeal. The seats are power adjustable for infinite positioning and the front come with heat as well as a massage function. Plush lambs wool rugs are matched to the carpet in both the front and rear. Veneered woods contrast the leather in a 3-tone assimilation for a feng shui that's balanced. Size and space is abundant with a breathable cabin that will seat 4 comfortably and 5 if needed. Inside this Bentley is an ambiance that speaks volumes of refinement and quality. Features engineered for this Bentley Continental are also abundant with comfort and utility in mind. A unique feature of this car is the keyed memory function that stores information of seat arrangement, mirror position, audio controls, as well as climate settings. Sensors recognize any of the 3 included key FAB's for various operators preferences that automatically adjust once inside the vehicle. It has navigation as well as Bluetooth connectivity for hands free communication. This Bentley is equipped with parking sensors in the front and rear to warn of impending objects. A power-activated trunk allows for easy access. Each of the four passengers has their own controls for personalized climate control. The backseats are abundant in space and come with power seat controls, an armrest as well as the added optional veneered wood trays. This car has been fully reconditioned to bring it back to like new condition. It was professionally detailed from the inside out as well as mechanically inspected through a 57-point process finding no major mechanical issues. This Bentley is in excellent condition and is offered at a great price that's thousands less than what you'd pay new. Due to its exclusivity it will hold its value and the rate of depreciation is substantially less than the hit you'd take driving it off new from a Bentley dealer. This car is perfect for an owner that requires the finest in craftsmanship and pinnacle of luxury for a great price. Exterior: Glacier White Interior: Portland horsepower: 552 hp Torque: 479 ft-lbs. Curb Weight: 5456 lbs. Total Suggested Retail Price $191,415 Bentley Added Optional Features Mulliner Driving Specification $8,940 Veneered Picnic Tables to Rear of Front Seats $2,140 Mullineer 4-Spoke Wood and Hide Steering Wheel $1,390 Contrast Stitching to Seats, Fascia and Door Panels $990 Lambswool Rugs to Front and Rear (Matched to Carpet) $790 Boot Carpet to Match Secondary Hide $590 Valet Parking Key $290

2015 Bentley Mulsanne vs 2015 Bentley Flying Spur
2015 Bentley Mulsanne vs 2015 Bentley Flying Spur The 2015 Bentley Mulsanne Speed, with its 530 horsepower and 811 lb-ft of torque, would prefer to move much faster. That torque figure is second only to that of the Bugatti Veyron (until you start counting heavy-duty pickups and niche supercar builders like Koenigsegg), yet neither is the monotony entirely unrepresentative. A sedan like this will inevitably spend a significant portion of its life slogging through the sprawl as it connects the heliports to the marinas in the world’s wealthiest, most urbane cities.