Telegraph Canyon - Solo Ride

Went out today by myself on Telegraph Canyon. I got a feelin' in my boots, I gotta make some sense to you.

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Wear all of your gear. Respect all of us here. Winner of the FREE Official Logo Shirt will be announced Saturday, March 14th 2015! UPDATE: Winner is Kangasaki Racing for successfully guessing all seven race tracks! Congrats! WEBSITE / DECALS / TSHIRTS / MOTOSOX FACEBOOK PAGE FACEBOOK GROUP INSTAGRAM @nosquiddingdotcom Special Thanks to Marcel Irnie: ---- What's a Squid? "Squid" is a term used by the riding community. It has many, many MANY definitions and that definition varies depending on who you are asking the question to. Ask us? A squid is someone on a motorcycle who is unprepared, uneducated, and/or unsafe. No Squidding is not about hate. It's about safety. Similar to how the "No Smoking" signs urge smokers to not smoke, we are here to try and help encourage riders to progress -- ultimately to become better, safer & more talented riders. We have supporters worldwide, from professional stunt riders to professional racers and everyone in between. The movement continues to gain momentum in the right direction thanks to everyone out there who supports Our Mission: Wearing the proper gear is the one thing we provide to everyone as a much needed requirement on a motorcycle. The term "Dress for the slide, not for the ride." illustrates that requirement well, while also implying that things can go wrong, even if you don't want them to - which you don't. So, plan for the worst. We use proper gear as the baseline for this brand's mission. If the only thing you take away from is that you should wear the proper safety gear, then that is a great start. However, the overall mission of this brand in no way stops after you've properly geared yourself up. Being responsible for all of your actions on top of your motorcycle is crucial to making the riding community a better place for all of us. Whether you are choosing to go to the stunt spot to practice your stoppies, or making the decision to "ride your own ride" in the canyons: This brand is here to let you know that you are not alone in wanting to be as safe as you can be in this inherently-dangerous sport of motorcycling. The definition of a "squid", provided above, is crafted in a way to help you take ownership of the term. We strongly urge you to use the baseline of "unprepared, uneducated, and/or unsafe" to create your own personal set of guidelines to follow in order to better yourself, and those around you, as riders.

Tire Warmers from MOTO-D
Watch as I show you how, and why, I use the Pro-Series Dual-Temp Tire Warmers from Moto-D. To purchase the warmers I am using in this video, follow this link: MOTO-D Links: Links: This video was filmed at my track days at Thunderhill Raceway and Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. To see my hot lap riding footage of those days click the links here: Thunderhill Raceway : Laguna Seca :

No Squidding - Banner Grade
We give away free stuff on our Facebook page! Get stuff at -- This was filmed in late June 2013 the first weekend after the road was resurfaced! Banner Grade is the first road I had the pleasure of riding when I moved to San Diego and it has remained my favorite road in the entire area. It is literally where I practiced my riding the most and it's basically where I became a better rider. I hope you enjoy watching it just half as much as I enjoy riding it. This road was last paved about 5 years ago, and it has been completely un-ridable for OVER A YEAR! This road being freshly paved is one of the best things to happen to San Diego's street riders in a minute. The locals are usually very courteous on this road, and Julian is just above it for gas and food. Can't beat it. As you can tell from the video...this road is notorious for continuous radius turns and lots of switchbacks. There's a couple surprises that you need to learn to watch out for on this road. There's one turn dubbed the "bike eater". So, don't take it lightly. Respect Banner and you will have it returned to you. Dress for the slide, not for the ride!

No Squidding - The Snake
Sound not working? We give away free stuff every other Friday on our Facebook page! Get stuff at -- This was filmed during the AZ/CA Meetup! One of the best rides I've been on all year, no doubt! Much respect to everyone who showed up! We need to do it again! -- The GPS unit on my bike was losing track of the speedometer and the map are a bit off at times. I am going to mount the antenna on the tail next time to try and remedy the issue. Mad props to and ! Go check them out for all your video overlay needs!