Telegraph Canyon - Solo Ride

Went out today by myself on Telegraph Canyon. I got a feelin' in my boots, I gotta make some sense to you.

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No Squidding - Palomar
Get your Decals and T-Shirts at ! -- Data overlays by Data collected using GMOS from -- The end of a great day at Palomar. This was my second visit to Palomar in over 2 years. I went two weekends in a row and this was the last run down the South side of the mountain. When we hit the bottom there was a bike cop sitting and waiting to pop someone for an illegal U-Turn or something so we dipped. The data overlay glitches every now and then due to the GPS losing location. -- Track is: The Pharcyde - Runnin' (Philippians RMX Instrumental)

NEXX-USA Street Team - Nick Gnaime Nexx-USA is expanding their sponsorships in 2014 beyond the previous focus solely on motorcycle road racing. To compliment the variety of road racers Nexx-USA continues to support, Nexx-USA has added drag racing, Olympic and World Championship bobsledding, and now street riding to their list of supported activities. Female expert drag racer Crystal Dickerson has signed on with Nexx-USA for her 2014 season. Nexx-USA also supports Steven Holcomb who will be driving the Team USA Olympic Bobsled in the Sochi Winter Olympics this February. The latest development in sponsorship expansion is the creation of the Nexx-USA Street Team. The Street Team was launched to showcase the full line of Nexx Helmets in everyday use through key individuals across the United States and Canada. The first member of the Street Team is Nick Gnaime of the San Francisco Bay Area. Gnaime has built a loyal audience around his brand which promotes wearing safety gear while riding motorcycles. With thousands of YouTube subscribers, Gnaime's channel is regularly updated with new videos, motovlogs, and exciting content. This passion for the sport and dedication to promoting safe habits make Nick Gnaime an excellent spokesman for Nexx-USA. You can subscribe to Nick's YouTube channel here: About Nexx-USA: NEXX-USA is the exclusive distributor of NEXX Helmets in the United States. Our helmets meet and surpass ECE22.05 and DOT Standards bringing to the market a great European brand of helmets that are unique in their forms, aesthetic versatility, and comfort. Conveying the true concept of fashion, style, and safety in helmets, the NEXX brand continues to bring new ideas and solutions to passionate riders. The 2014 collection was developed to make your every riding moment enjoyable, emphasizing the feeling of freedom. Different models are available to cater for each and every need. Join us for THE NEXX EXPERIENCE! Follow Nexx-USA's social media: FB: /NexxHelmetsUSA IG: @NexxHelmetsUSA TW: @NexxHelmetsUSA #NexxUSA

GoPro Grab & Elbow Drag
DO NOT TRY ANY OF THIS! OG GoPro Grab + Never before done neutral-coasting-right-knee-dragging-right-hand GoPro Grab! Also an appearance by Loco-Leaning Draggable-Elbow Dragging Elbow Man! Welcome to WTF FRIDAY! #WTFfriday Riders on IG: @sacrilege_photography @mulholland_rider @rafabah

The Lightest Motorcycle Helmet
Watch as I weigh 12 different helmets from 6 different manufacturers to find out which is the lightest and by how much. The scale is in grams (g.) The results might surprise you! Are you concerned about Safety? Think it's too light to be a safe lid? Think again. ---- A great list of helmets and their weights: m