Turbo Mustang vs Lexus LS400 burnout contest

turbo fox Mustang drag car and bone stock 300k mile Lexus LS400 do burnouts...lets see who does the better burnout

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LS400 5speed vs M3 launch
My LS400 and my buddies M3 just goofing around. Not racing, just making smoke. "Dirty Mike"

tacoma vs ls400
07 Toyota tacoma V6 4.0L Vs. 96 Lexus LS400 4.0L V8 with car length head start.

StanceNation LS400 LED Display
The Stancenation LS displaying its LED tails Music: Anton_F - Penetr8

Crash Test Lexus LS 400
Crash Test Lexus LS 400 www.russia-lexus.ru