97 Prerunner Ranger

Video of my 97 ranger from this summer's events. Has a 4.0 V6, 5.86 gears 33" tires.

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First Pre runner fail
Took my 1994 Ranger 4x4 with long travel out for the first time and it over heated it in Gorman, ca. I bought the ranger like it is now with 12" sway away coilovers up front with cut and turned beams and the deaver prerunner pack in the rear with bilstien 5100's. The truck ran really well but I was in the sand wash doing 50 or so in 2nd and over heated it. I also found out that I blew one of my 5100 shocks.

Prerunner in Ocotillo Wells May 2011
ToxicRanger Productions video II, Fabrication by RDH Fabrications

The Build
The Build - Ford Ranger 4x4 Prerunner. Just over 7 months build time to first test run. Sorry, some early pics are poor quality - and the run time is a bit long. I left some stuff out but still had to tell the story. All work done by me in my garage with assistance from my family.

GoPro ranger offroad
First offroad vid with GoPro..added some pics of my build also recorded a few diff angles..this is my drive to work every day..hope you enjoy itt..