97 Prerunner Ranger

Video of my 97 ranger from this summer's events. Has a 4.0 V6, 5.86 gears 33" tires.

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2016 Toyota Hilux vs Ford Ranger
Nick from Western 4wdriver and Mark from Eureka 4WD training test back to back the new 2016 Toyota Hilux and the new 2016 Ford Ranger.

003 Ford Ranger Wildtrak, Kinder Elektroauto tuning
Demo Video, Ford Ranger Wildtrak mit Air Ride, 7" Touch screen Navigation, Rückfahr Kamera und Full Entertainment System. Navigationsgerät Lenkrad Fernbedienung Rückfahr Kamera 10 Lautsprecher 1 Subwoofer 8" im 25L Bassreflexgehäuse 3 Verstärker 2 Kopfstützen-Monitore 4 Batterien 12Volt 60Ah V8 Motor, Gaspedal steuert Drehzahl (akustisch) Unterbodenbeleuchtung Funktionierende Blinker Richtige Frontscheinwerfer Nebellicht Rückfahrlicht Kennzeichenbeleuchtung Air Ride (60mm) Hupe Akkuverbrauchs Anzeige in % Batterie Anzeige Motor Temperatur Anzeige Fernbedienung für sämtliche Funktionen. Fernsteuerung für Fahrmodus Gewicht ca. 55 Kg Arbeitszeit: ca.400 Std. hat sich mein Kind zum Geburtstag gewünscht ;-)

2016 Toyota Hilux vs Ford Ranger - Offroad & Review
In terms of sales, Toyota and Ford have been locked in a battle for the top of the charts with the Hilux and Ranger, a feat which was impressive for the Hilux given that it was essentially 10 years old. It has finally been replaced and we gathered together the new 2016 Toyota Hilux 4x4 and facelifted 2015 Ford Ranger together for a head to head review. We took the bakkies offroad at Klipbokkop, a legendary 4x4 testing facility in the Western Cape for this comparison. Read our massive comparative test between the Hilux, Ranger, Isuzu KB and VW Amarok here: http://www.cars.co.za/motoring_news/toyota-hilux-vs-ford-ranger-vs-isuzu-kb -vs-volkswagen-amarok-2016-comparative-review/42293/ Subscribe to your Youtube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/carsdotcoza?sub_confirmation=1 Interested in buying a new 2016 Toyota Hilux? Find one here: http://www.cars.co.za/newcars/Toyota/Hilux/2.8GD-6-double-cab-4x4-Raider/ Interested in buying a new 2016 Ford Ranger? Find one here: http://www.cars.co.za/newcars/Ford/Ranger/3.2-double-cab-4x4-XLT-auto/ Interested in buying a used Toyota Hilux? Find one here: http://www.cars.co.za/usedcars/Toyota/Hilux/ Interested in buying a used Ford Ranger? Find one here: http://www.cars.co.za/usedcars/Ford/Ranger/ For a detailed spec sheet of the 2016 Toyota Hilux 2.8 GD-6 double cab 4x4 Raider: http://www.cars.co.za/newcars/Toyota/Hilux/2.8GD-6-double-cab-4x4-Raider/ For a detailed spec sheet of the 2016 Ford Ranger 3.2 double cab 4x4 XLT auto: http://www.cars.co.za/newcars/Ford/Ranger/3.2-double-cab-4x4-XLT-auto/

Test Drive Nova Ford Ranger 2017 - COMPLETO
Brasil 4x4 Club - Aqui o sistema é tração nas quatro rodas!