1970 buick gsx tribute pics and video before and after

just about done with my 1972 buick skylark gsx tribute with 70 front end. hope you like it, i still have to tune the engine but works great.

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1970 buick gsx 455 tribute vs 1969 olds 455 ho at kingdon raceway
even weight, both stock cars..good match, although the olds lost by about 4 cars.

1970 buick gsx tribute racing a built 77 chevy pickup at Kingdon drags lodi,ca
My stock buick 455 ; ) GSX tribute at Kingdon drags in lodi,ca...Different carb, not fine tuned yet, or timed right problems with tranny and air restriction not to mention a sticky throttle cable.. 14.5 at the 1/4 mile with above problems and still whopping on a 77 pickup sounds mean, 69 olds 455 ho, 66-67 Mustang which we let off due to throttle was binding almost at the end had to put the car in neutral. Track times were not acurate, was off by about a second so do the math. By the way Mustang was stroked, and gutted.. My GSX was full weight nearly 4000 lbs with 2 passengers. oh yea not to mention street tires and low comp engine.. Mustang was showing off and got his ass handed to him, lucky the throttle got stuck, at the end ran away and did not race again. waaaaaak waaaak

Buick Boys GSCA (Buick GSX) Show-n-Shine
Car Show in Marble Falls, Texas November 2007. The crowd could not get over the 4 cars. Dad,Nancy,Tim and Scott. SOOOO cool to get the family and our cars in the same show!!

1972 Buick Skylark ride
This is a video of my late brother Andrew and his 1972 Buick Skylark. Andrew was undergoing chemo at the time this video was shot so it was one of his last rides in the car. He had the car for 20 years and performed all sorts of modifications on it such as rebuilding the engine, converting the car to a five speed manual and toughening up the suspension. The car is a Buick 350, 4 bbl and five speed. Andrew passed away on December 31st, 2006. The music is from King Crimson.