north pole drags 38 charger vs lebaron friend filming tubbed chrysler lebaron vs charger. i think some one help me edit these :P

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Supra VS Turbo Lebaron
Stock MKIII (stock Exhaust/intake, shimmed to 10 psi falling to 7) turbo Lebaron Chipped ECU, 2.5" downpipe (open), 16 psi, no IC

Alaska Raceway Park- End of Season potpouri
Alaska Raceway Park, 2013, end of season clips I found


Scott Against Fool's Gold & Big Bike Run. 1989 @ Alaska Raceway Park.
Me, in Alaska, 1989, on a '73 Kawasaki Z1-900, bored to 1170, goin' up against Fool's Gold! Doin' burn-outs, and launchin' with a clutch and a 5-speed! Both of us, now that I think about it. Anyway, pro tree, which I had never ran but, I always wanted to. Chewed him up at the tree. Don't remember the numbers. '67 Camaro with a small block 350. Listen to that dude go through the gears! I never seen him until probably 5-10 feet from the finish line, which freaked me out! When he lifted, he swerved left, HARD, and I thought for sure we were gonna get tangled up. Worked out fine. One of my funnest runs ever. My right ear was listenin' to him get on with the program. I had the best seat in the house! The last run on the video is me on my other bike, I call it the Big Bike, making a pass on my newly built 1327 Kaw. I launched, it went left toward the center line, stayed in it and just kept shifting. This was my 1st run on this bike. Listen to that sucker pogo stickin' in 1st and 2nd gears.Unreal! At the time, anyway. Fun as hell! I didn't know what gear I was in at the end. Just hangin' on and reachin' for the big end! In Alaska 1989. Enjoy.