1988 Mazda Rx7 NonTurbo Streetported redlining

1988 Mazda Rx7 streetported na redlining through the gears, for the record i could of revved all the way to the end of the tach which is 8000rpm, so this isnt 100% of what the car could of done ( for those questioning my car's engine temp, my car is running at operating temp, its normally 1/4 of the way up fully warmed up..the car isn't redlining cold) Racing Beat streetable header, straight pipe in place of cat, Borla 2.5" catback Exhaust, K&N cone intake, ported throttlebody, removed secondary throttlebody plates, lightweight steel Racing Beat flywheel and Centerforce Dualfriction clutch, removed 5th/6th auxilary ports/sleeves/rods and actuators

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91 S5 NA RX7 1-3 gear pull
Sorry about the video, hard to drive stick and hold camera at the same time. Performance mods: racing beat headers, open Exhaust, 88gxl LSD Edit: I found out this video was done with my 6 port and VDI stuck closed so now this car is even faster.

Bridgeported 1988 Mazda Rx7 Review
My thoughts on the 1988 Mazda Rx7 with a Bridgeported 1.3L 13b Rotary engine, and 5 speed manual transmission. Stock Second Generation Rx7s are fun, but really only 85% of the power you would expect the car to have. I love FCs to death, but the power can be underwhelming. Thats where the bridgeport comes in. After a bridgport, the FC is 100% what it should be. If Rx7s are cheeseburgers, adding a bridgeport is like adding bacon to that burger: It's just better. But what about drivability? Just like the rest of life, it has it's ups and downs. You get a sweet soundtrack to every drive, but then again a 2k rpm idle and atrocious gas consumption doesn't exactly make it the best grocery getter. Would I port my car. Yes. Yes I would. You really think I'd turn down bacon on my cheeseburger?

1987 Mazda RX-7 - "Pop Your Hood, Bro" Episode 20
Episode 20 of "Pop Your Hood, Bro" features Joel Lahmayer's 1987 Mazda RX-7 turbo II. Joel has not only made appearances on camera on previous PYHB's, he is also one of the camera operators at 1POINT3. Now that he has this running, he will be spending much less time behind the camera and more in front of it.

Evo 9000 rpm 2nd 3rd gear redline
This is my 2003 evo 8. Im just doing a 2nd 3rd gear pull. As said, I had the camera attached to my left hand thats why I'm shifting so slow. Built by Trevtec. I'm actually redlining at 9,200rpm. It's about 40mph in 2nd gear 5,000rpm. And 105 in 3rd at 9,200rpm.