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ROAD SIGNS GALORE! Do you know what the road signs mean?
Hi Kids! Do you like road signs? Come with us and learn what all the road signs mean! Stop! Yield! Don't go straight or you'll end up in the water! Here's a roundabout! And a golf cart crossing! Wow a flashing sign! Signs are a ton of fun! If you enjoy the video and want to see more please LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, or COMMENT and click the links below to see more cool videos from TOY PLAY TV! Thanks for coming along with us to check out road signs! SUBSCRIBE HERE! CHECK OUT OUR WATER BALLOON POP FOR KIDS VIDEO! CHECK US OUT PLAYING IN A SPRING ON AN INFLATABLE ALLIGATOR!

Learning to Read with Everyday Signs!
An easy way to teach kids to read is to teach them in fun ways that don't feel like school! Reading road signs as you drive around is an excellent opportunity to turn what could be a very boring ride

Learn All Traffic Signs, Signals and Pavement Markings (DMV/BMV)
Beginner Driver's Guide: Signs, Signals and Pavement Markings This video is created to assist people who are planning to acquire a driving license. It covers all the traffic signs and symbol required for the learner's permit and driving license test. Knowledge of signs, signals and pavement markings is a necessity for safe driving. In order to pass your driving test and to prepare for highway travel, you should know and be able to explain the meaning and use of the following signs, signals and pavement markings. If you find this video helpful please don't forget to subscribe us. It will encourage us to work harder and create more contents. If you have any questions please leave a comment below. We will get back to you whenever we can. ~

Know Your Road Signs - Warning Signs | miDrive miDrive's video driving lessons are designed to give learner drivers an overview of some of the basic elements of learning to drive. They are for illustrative purposes only and are no substitute for real-life driving lessons. This video will explain the meaning of several UK road signs, in particular those which give warnings. ================================================ Transcript miDrive Know Your Road Signs: Warning Signs Road narrows on right (left if sign reversed) | Road narrows on both sides Crossroads | Junction on bend ahead T-junction with priority over vehicles from the right | Bend to right (or left if symbol reversed) Roundabout | A change in road layout ahead requires a reduction in speed Traffic merging from left ahead | Slippery road Steep hill upwards | Steep hill downwards Wild animals | Traffic lights Zebra crossing | School crossing patrol ahead Junction on bend ahead | Double bend first to left (symbol may be reversed) Two-way traffic straight ahead | Two-way traffic crosses one-way road Uneven road | Dual carriageway ends Pedestrians in road ahead | Frail (or blind or disabled if shown) pedestrians likely to cross road ahead Wild horses or ponies | Accompanied horses or ponies Content courtesy of miDrive, the essential app for learner drivers. Available on the App Store Who are miDrive? miDrive is an app for learner drivers. It has been designed to make every part of learning to drive just a little bit quicker and easier. You can use it to find and contact a qualified driving instructor near you, to track your driving lessons to make sure you're practising in the right places and to read helpful articles and tips on everything from how to change gear to what to wear for your driving test. Getting learner drivers on the road to freedom is what we're all about. We don't mind if you're looking for a fast pass, cheap driving lessons or just a friendly and professional instructor who actually turns up on time, we want to help you to find what you're looking for. And the best bit? We won't just ditch you when you find an instructor, the miDrive app will continue to help you out, from your first lesson to the day you pass your test. About warning signs (via Wiki): Signs in circular red borders are prohibitive, whether or not they also have a diagonal red line. Circular blue signs mainly give a positive (mandatory) instruction. Such circular signs may be accompanied by, or place on, a rectangular plate (information) that provides details of the prohibition or instruction; for example, waiting and loading plates and zone entry signs. Music via AudioJungle