Racing Beat Exhaust on my 91 RX-7

Many people have been wanting a clip of what it sounds like, so hear it is on my FC

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RX-7 FC Racing Beat Exhaust down pipe/y pipe Sound
Me revving my RX-7 up to 8000 rpms. 2.5" Racing Beat Downpipe and Y Pipe.

Mazda FC3S RX-7 Racing Beat cat-back
Running a Racing Beat cat-back, with Racing Beat header and Bonez High-flow cat.

RX-7, Turbo-II, Racing Beat
87 RX7, racing beat rev T-II turbo back, w/resonator. Rtec 1.7, rc 750cc secondaries, K&N air filter, ported S4 turbo's wastegate to 35mm, ARC blow off valve, hallman pro-rx Boost controller set to 11psi, 93 octane. Was bored during a bi-weekly running of the car. Decided to play with iphone 4's video camera.

RX7 FC3S Racing Beat Exhaust
Just a quick clip of my new FC revving, kinda missed the shot a bit. Yes the engine is warmed, the only mods are a(n) HKS Intake, and Racing Beat duals.