RccVideo's TDR Vintage Drag Racing 60's-70's Thompson Raceway Park Thompson Drag Raceway TRP

From original 8mm film shot at historic Thompson Raceway Park formerly Thompson Drag Raceway. Video is from the mid 1960's to mid 1970's. Thanks to my dad and Jimmy Z for the video. Take a minute and watch the old school arm drop action.

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2015 Gasser Reunion Ohio Outlaw AA/Gassers Compilation Backup Girls Nostalgia Drag Racing Videos
Ohio Outlaw AA/Gassers Drag Racing Compilation Burnouts Wheelstands Backup Girls Straight Axle Gasser Hot Rods Racing Buy 2014 AA/GS DVD! http://maziracing.com/2013aags/ 2015 Thompson Gasser Reunion - June 5-6 at Thompson Raceway Park - Cruise In Thompson Gasser Reunion Featuring Ohio Outlaw AA/Gassers; Steve Crook - Blew By You Tri-5 '56 Chevy; Micky Hale - Hale Bros. Racing '48 Austin; Bob Cook - Crazy Grandpa '53 Corvette; Ed Kasicki - Phenomenon '33 Willys; Mark Benjamin - '33 Willys; Don Vail - '57 Ford; Al Borowski - Special Edition II '48 Anglia; Brian Spotts - It's Crazy '48 Anglia; Mike Ziemenick - Ziemenick Bros. '48 Austin; Greg Danko - Traveler '33 Willys, Jeff Mentzer 1941 Willys. Nostalgia Drag Racing, PA Gasser Nationals, Nostalgia Drag Racing, Wheelstands, Burnouts, Back-Up Girls, Motor Racing, Tri 5 Chevy, Ohio Gassers exhibition runs from the 61st Annual US Nationals Indy. Gassers At 131 Dragway In The '60s

70s Drag Racing
70s Drag Racing

Vintage 1960's AHRA Drag Races-San Diego Drag Strip
Vintage home movie of AHRA drag races in San Diego--mid 1960's. Thanks to Bob Kiefer who took this movie while stationed in San Diego in the Navy.

RccVideo's Nostalgia ProStock Shootout Thompson Raceway Park TRP 2010 pro stock
Nostalgia ProStock Shootout held at the Independence Eve Explosion at Thompson Raceway Park July 3, 2010.