Test and tune with a Cosworth plenum with my current PPE long tube NA setup

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PPE Headers with JIC Ti Single sound clip, Tuned by Z Car Garage
Nissan 350z PPE Headers

PPE long tube first drive
Installed months ago yet first drive

372whp 350z, ITBs, Head Porting, Longtube Headers
This was the last day before SG was sadly closed. We got the ITBs just in time, installed them and made them work despite missing all of the linkage parts - tuned it and the result was incredible, over 30whp above our already modified intake manifold and 90mm throttle body - that's 55whp more than a factory throttle body and plenum. Read all about it, the head porting, larger cams and injector dynamics injectors in Modified Magazine - coming soon! Follow us at OnPointDyno.com Instagram @OnPointDyno Facebook @OnPointDyno

08 350Z Headers, Exhaust Tune 4.08FD 20 to 140
PPE headers, Nismo S-tune Exhaust, 4.08 gear and a tune On an abandoned airport runway.