Ford Capri getting into trouble with the Marshalls at Brands Hatch

Ford Capri deciding to follow the course car back onto the track when it should have been going back to the paddock

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Capri Race Brands Hatch 1970
A pro celebrity race using MK1 Capri´s probably 3 litre GTś at Brands Hatch 1970 featuring Graham Hill and Jackie Stewart.

Ford Capri 3.5 V6 Cosworth // Ex- Niki Lauda Monster
Portuguese Hillclimb Racing driver António Nogueira used on selected events a unique unit of the 70´s Ford Endurance Racer. A 500+Hp/9.000Rpm Cosworth V6 powered Capri that was once raced by none other than former Formula 1 Champion Niki Lauda and of which only four units were built in total by Ford in order to be used on the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Enjoy the Mechanical Symphony of this #HillclimbMonster

Onboard Crash: Brake Failure @ 110mph going into Paddock Hill Bend Brands Hatch - I was alongside one of my coaching clients in an Elise Trophy race car when, approaching Paddock Hill bend at 110mph he hit the brakes and an almighty bang came from the rear. It turned out that the rear brake caliper had exploded. At first I braced myself for a big crash but he managed to take some speed off and get some turn in the car before going off, through the gravel and crashing into the barrier. Thankfully the circuit had not scrimped on the gravel and it slowed the car down as fast as if it was braking (see braking force display). In the end we were doing about 5mph when we hit and only slight clam damage was caused. Video is captured on a Video4 setup from Race-Technology, supplied, fitted and operated by Most of my vids use the full 4-cams but for training I just use the front cam and the pedal cam. Why not subscribe to my channel for the very best onboard videos on Youtube, over 190 videos already uploaded and new ones posted every week, from race series' and trackdays all over the world. If you enjoy this video please consider adding it as a favorite or giving it a thumbs up :) THANKS

Mk1 Capri GT Restoration Project
Mk1 Capri GT Restoration from a dream