86 S-10 drag truck driving 2

my brothers s10 drag truck project

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1990 Chevy S10 drag truck
90 Chevy S10 with a 383, 685 lift cam, gear drive, Holley 780 carb, Holley blue electric fuel pump, Edelbrock victor jr manifold, MSD ignition, Dart 2 heads, electric water pump, dual electric fans, Hedman headers with bullet mufflers, turbo 350 with manual valve body, linelock, Weld draglites, Runs 10's

s-10 drag truck finished
keep in mind that this was a junk truck.i didnt do any body work besides the hood.has the stock front frame but heavily modified back half and cross members

S-10 Drag Trucks
Some mean S-10's that showed up for test and tune!

1986 Chevrolet S-10 2.8 V6 Open Exhaust
Older footage of us cleaning up garbage in the Rocky Mountains with a friend's old 2WD S-10. He was running a 2.25" single pipe, completely open. Poor old truck got to around 190k (miles) before the engine and transmission were finally in need of a rebuild. It was parted out back in 2006. He could have kept the little truck, but EVERYTHING needed attention, and a following fender bender sealed its fate when the frame was bent. RIP "Wheeble", the Napalm Punishment Machine.