First Drive Turbo s13 240sx chevy v8 , 6lbs of boost untuned

First drive, untuned. running gt3582r, ms2 3.0 megasquirt

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Nissan S13 240SX Newly Built SR20DET (Twin Scroll GT3071R): First Start-Up And Test Run
I just got my newly built motor back together with a few new things done to it. In this video I had the incorrect cams (hydraulic lifter cams) installed, which is why it is so noisy. I later installed the correct cams (solid lifter cams) as seen in my other videos! See more details of my project at or follow me on instagram @twoliterturbo

VW Caravelle T3 with V8 Twin Turbo - 1200hp / 1500Nm
Stein Arne Lindvall, the owner and builder of this fantastic car, take us for a spin from Porsgrunn to Horten. Here is some short clips from the ride.. Turn up the volum :) The car has two settups. A setup for race on track. And one for normal (approved TUV, DUV, Dekra, KÜS, biltilsynet. ) for street use. 507 hp street use. 1200 hp race track. It is a mid-engine car with a engine at 5.0 liter (302 cui) Chevrolet. Because of the venturishaped bottom plate (made of carbon fibre), this car have a huge downforce.. The car weighs about 800 kg more at high speeds .. See more details of the engine and chassis here: And for spec on motor etc take a look at this: Driver: Stein Arne Lindvall Passengers: Håkon Tobro, Espen Larsen and Oddbjørn Kåsine. Pay attention for more videos to come.

Imports Hit The Streets! Turbo k20 NSX VS 900whp MR2 VS 1,000whp+ Supra and more!

Formula One V6 turbo: 2014 Rules Explained
Transforming Formula One: 2014 Rules Explained: CGI Clip A new clip from Red Bull sees Daniel Ricciardo and Sebastian Vettel explain the 2014 Formula One regulations -- which are arguably the most complex the sport has ever seen. At the start, thousands of car parts simultaneously assemble around Dan to form the RB10. As Dan races to catch up Seb in his RB9, the World Champion's car becomes transparent while travelling at full speed. The film then presents a visual sequence that shows the 2014 regulation changes taking shape and coming to life, as Seb's car transforms into an RB10. As well as providing information on the new technical changes for 2014, the clip also presents a unique view of the technology at work inside this year's Formula One cars. More information on the Red Bull Ring is available at Follow us on social media @ Google+ Facebook YouTube Twitter Instagram