Morris Wagon

Morris Wagon 4300 pound stock suspension 10.5 inch street tire.

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steve morris boostmaster wagon

'94 Buick Roadmaster Wagon Dyno
Vid of me running my '94 RMW on the Dyno in '04 during the ISSCA Nationals. Mods at the time were RAISS CAI, 3.73 gears, Magnaflow muffs. Stock cam, Exhaust manifolds, full factory pipes inc. resonators. Being tuned by Brian Herter. Dyno'd at Silver State Motorsports, next to LVMS in June of '04. DA=5,000+ Put down 250 to the wheels, not bad for almost stock LT1.

Steve Morris 4.66 @ 162 MPH---No Mercy 2011
Steve Morris 4.66 @ 162 MPH---No Mercy 2011

Fastest LS1 Wagon in the world
The second run is awsome sit back and enjoy