Challenger SRT8 w/ Headers & SRT MAX Camshaft

Just added my new OBX long tube headers, Bassani Hi flo Cats, and SRT Max Cam w/ email tune from Inertia Motorsports...400hp and 413tq at the wheels be sure to also watch my: Mod list: SRT Max cam K&N Cold air intake Flowmaster cat back OBX longtube Headers Bassani Hi flo cats SLP 25% Underdrive Pulley 180 Degree thermostat Billt Tech Catch can Inertia Motorsports email tune

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SRT MAX PLUS Cammed 6.1 Challenger
Inertia Motorsports SRT MAX PLUS cam

2010 Challenger SRT8 6.1L with SRT Max Cam
2010 Challenger SRT8 6.1L with SRT Max Cam installed August 2012 by Dings Automotive in Vancouver, WA. Idle is at about 750 once idle settles in. When coming to a stop while driving, the cam likes to bump a lil bit on the vacuum/brakes which takes a lil to get used to. Best 1/4 mile was 12.491@110.26 on Hoosier drag radials

cammed challenger 392 srt8 500+whp
my 2011 392 cammed and in the video still being tuned by blevins tuning. the car made 507whp and 483 ft/lbs torque and was only limited by stock valvetrain, with new valve springs and injectors he said i could easily make 530whp+ on pump gas.. the cam is VVT_5_7L_p/201-428-17.htm T_5_7L_6_4_p/5761.htmand i also got this so my pistons wouldnt hit my valves

SRT MAX Plus Cam in 2010 SRT8 6.1L Challenger
This is a quick vid of my newly installed SRT MAX Plus cam from Inertia Motorsports Mods are: Kooks LT's Kooks O/R X SLP LM1 Catback Mopar CAI