1984 Trans Am HO revving

Une vidéo de ma Trans Am de 1984. V8 5.0L HO (L69) de 190ch presque stock : arbre à came et poussoirs Edelbrock, carburateur Holley, caches culbuteurs chromés (lol). Elle tourne très bien malgré ses 177000 miles cependant a besoin d'une sérieuse révision.. A short video of my 177000 miles 1984 Trans Am revving, mostly stock 190hp 5.0L V8 (L69) : Edelbrock camshaft and lifters, Holley carburetor, chrome head covers (lol j/k). She's running fine but needs some work.

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84 trans am HO
ta @everything emtpy

Sequential tail lights on a 1988 trans am
I recently installed led sequential tail light kit on my 1988 trans am gta don't mind me and my friend talking

Trans-Am 1983, 350ci,
Little demo of line-locked car

'84 Trans Am first start since 2008
My '84 T/A with the L69 HO 305 and W62 ground effects. Bought it from my roommate for $500 and diagnosed it as having a bad carb. Lucked out at the junk yard and found a rebuild one and stashed it for 1/2 off day. Slapped it on and it live, look mom my first Quadrajet!