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Blowing up the tracer

Trying to blow up the motor in Wendell's 93 tracer. motor only seizes up.


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2 car demo derby part 1
messing around with a 1993 lumina and a 1993 tracer

Firebird 305 motor destruction.
Ladies and gentlemen gather around and witness the exact moment of death of a Trans-am caught on video.An 88 Firebird Trans-am with a TPI 305 that had a piston slap at the beginning of this video and a seized motor at the end.

Me trying to kill Chads Topaz
i honstly turned it off cause it was starting to catch on fire after my friend trun the cam off it started burning By Ben Jardine

Dodge 2.2 motor blow, no turbo
1993 dodge shadow/plymouth sundance with 190k and massive blow by. redliner til she blows, but it wouldnt go! good ol' dodge. had to finally put rocks down the intake. that did it.. then she lit on fire.. lol enjoy

World smallest V12 engine
http://www.bringthecake.com Apparently the builder's name is Yesus Wilder and he only used three materials to build the engine. Stainless steel, aluminum, and bronze. All credits to him.

Mazda RX7 Rotary Engine Blowing Up! Part 2
My mazda rx7 race car about to blow up

The Best Burnout EVER!!!!
$300.00 special catching HELL!!! At the 2011 Burnout party!!! This vehicle was bought to finish the show with a bang!! This was done in front of the house on a PRIVATE road and IF YOU DON'T WANT TO SEE A BURNOUT DON'T CLICK THIS LINK!!! And don't ask WHY?? If you want to see pics of the road after the burnout go to my channel click on website!!!

Volkswagen golf 2 1.3 engine blow

mudding with a mercury tracer
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Wesleys-Yard/331880720168364 Wendell's 1993 mercury tracer annoying windshield wipers, bad transmission, very bad misfire.

1994 Ford Escort LX 1.9l Turbo Ticking Sound? (Now Fixed)
(What the car looks like today http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvDRA90QAz8 ) Hey guys, this is my 1994 Ford Escort LX 1.9l turbo It started this ticking noise probably 2 weeks to a month after we turbocharged it and has made this noise ever since. (turbocharged April 2nd) and it is August 6th today. It has been making this sound ever since then but has not really gotten any worse or better and I don't think, if I recall, that it has really done anything to the performance of the car. It is a little bit louder at start up say... in the morning rather than in the afternoon after the car has been driven, so its kinda like the longer that it sits without running the louder the noise, or maybe something else, is at startup. It maybe does get a little bit quieter after being driven around but the sound is still there at idle and does not go away when I am driving. The last two time I changed oil was Dec 5 09 at about 130,000 miles and June 24 10 at about 135,133 miles, which I know yes is about 2,000 overdue. Each time I have changed the oil I have used Motorcraft Oil 10-w 30 and a Motorcraft Oil filter. Oil level checked every time, even though I know it burns through the turbo, bad journal bearing, never seems to go down to much but always checked and filled to full. As long as I have owned the car, even before turbocharged, I have never ran it past 4,500 rpms, just incase that could be a factor too. Never ran any additives or cleaners to the motor. I don't know if its a lifter, a vavle seat, ticking injector, etc. As you have seen in the video, I do have a new valve cover gasket, and would plan on going to a local jy tommorow if anyone would have any advice on what the sound could be coming from. Thanks in advance and would take any comments or questions you have into consideration...

PROPSHAFT EXPLOSION at 6000 rpm Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1.6 Must see
My friend revving his Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1.6 which have bad rear donut (guibo ,flexible rubber joints) and bad front gearbox mounts so propshaft and gearbox wasn¨t flat and i recording from back seat and almost blow my ass .Propshaft was noisy when starting and stopping engine and have vibrate and engine dasn¨t rev at high rpm as usual for this engines (8000rpm).For uninformed propshaft rotating at engine speed and gearbox are in the back of car together with diff (transaxle) like many Ferraris, Porsches,Alfas ...Same thing happens to my black 75 2.0 carb but front donut at 7000rpm ,but i dont record that (i had replace flywheel).Hes damage was higher :body tunnel ,shift linkage ,clutch pipe ,handbrake cable ,clutch unit housing.

406 No Smoke, No Poke RIP
McGuinness 406 Blowing up. Smoke No Poke!!

X8 Bus Blowing Up.mp4
22nd April 2009 X8 bus from city centre Engine caught fire on M77 lucky we where jst at exit for Silverburn cos the Engine went from smoking to burning to blowing up within minutes and in less than 60 secs the full bus was full of toxic fumes! I was on this bus xx

stupid driver - smoking up the engine
The driver of this car on a motorway in the south of France didn´t notice that probably the cylinder-head of his car´s engine had have a damage. Inspite of losing water and producing a high amount of fog behind his car, he didn´t react on the signals, other drivers tried to give him with their horns and front-lights. I just was wondering about the stupidy of driving on and on, not even take a cent of care about his engine. God bless all cars and beware them from owners and drivers like this one.

Benz blowing up at car show
just some photos i found of some cars show realized im missing ALOT! Car: 1992 Mercedes-Benz E-Class 400E Category/Type: Euro/Street/Lux Interior: Full custom interior, red and white Gucci inserts, Gucci head and arm rests, Gucci floor mats with Mercedes Benz embroidered, dark grey Corinthian leather, red piping, wood grain and small pieces wrapped in red suede, on front seats embroidered last name (Medina). Headliner in red suede. Custom fiberglass gauge pod. Custom fiberglass pod TV mount on passenger side. Custom fiberglass door panels and sub enclosure in trunk painted to match color of car. Trunk lid and compressor stand wrapped in red suede. Exterior: Custom steel wide body. Bodyline was cut and extended up to 8 inches then rewelded. Erebuni body kit was cut and reformed to fit wide body, and recessed to fit flush with bottom of doors. Gt factory suicide hinges mounted on rear doors and quarter panels cut to maneuver 180 degree motion. Front doors were extended out to not hit hood hinges with new widebody. Door handles relocated for suicide effect. Shaved radio antenna. Hole in trunk lid to show off 20in TV in rear. Custom floating hood with cut out vents affixed with custom mesh grill. Polished stainless steel trim. Custom two tone red and while paint. Lexus 3 stage white with Gucci ghost graphics in Cadi pearl between body lines. Custom made red lower half. 18% window tint, euro headlights and tail lights. Engine: 4.2 LV8, Hiperformance ECU chip, dual cold air intake with K&N filters performance radiator, custom dual, side Exhaust. Suspension: 20 in Lowenhart rims painted to match color of car, with cut out centers and mounted Benz caps, 245/35R20 tires. Mercedes drilled and slotted rotors and Benz red calipers. Air suspension, bags not struts, custom made mounting brackets, ½ inch fill valves, ½ inch dump valves, ½ inch line, 5gal chrome tank, 2 Viair compressors, automatic ride height, digital gauges, and wireless remote. In Car Electronics: Alpine in dash 6.5in monitor, 2 5.6in monitors in headrests, 2 8in monitors in visors, 2 5in monitors in passenger fiberglass pod, 2 7in monitors in fiberglass front door panels, 2 5in monitors in rear doors, 2 7in monitors in trunk lid 20in screen in trunk, Audiovox DVD system, XBOX 360, Alpine 6 disc CD changer, 2 12in Kicker subs in fiberglass enclosure powered by Kicker 2 channel amp, Kicker interior speakers and tweeters powered by Kicker 4 channel amp. IPod connection. Top of the line Viper alarm/remote start paging system. Thing you might miss the first look: 14 TVs! Ghost graphics, Brake system, moved door handles, and no even tho the wide body looks like it..... It's far from factory ;-) Sponsors: Myself! but looking 7202754526 Special thanks to: Adrian Fuentecilla, Bryan Boyd, Chris Chapu Capone Customs, Chip Gonzales, Jay Sanchez Mario Martinez, Mark Otey, Mike Cordova, Mike Medina Sr., Scott Chau, Stevie Snyder, Thu Bui.

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