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Blowing up the tracer

Trying to blow up the motor in Wendell's 93 tracer. motor only seizes up.


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corolla 2e engine blow up
some idiots didn't read the warning, comments are now disabled. blowing up corolla 2e engine, it has bearing damage already. :) corollan 2e kone hajoitetaan, se on jo laakerivikanen et turha sitä on korjata kun samalla rahalla saa vähänajetun uuden koneen :)

Dodge 2.2 motor blow, no turbo
1993 dodge shadow/plymouth sundance with 190k and massive blow by. redliner til she blows, but it wouldnt go! good ol' dodge. had to finally put rocks down the intake. that did it.. then she lit on fire.. lol enjoy

1985 Accord throws a rod through the block
The car threw a rod threw the block when it was revving to 8000rpm when the redline is 6500.

blowing up the colt
Tried blowing up the colt, just siezed

how to blow up your nitro rc motor
flat out for 2 and a half min The motor could be fixed but cbf. It was cheaper for me to buy another off ebay

Engine Blows Up on the Dyno
Another day at the office. Engine Blows up on the Dyno.

Blowing up Cash for Clunkers
Blowing up Cash for Clunkers its fun enjoy.

2 car demo derby part 1
messing around with a 1993 lumina and a 1993 tracer

Me trying to kill Chads Topaz
i honstly turned it off cause it was starting to catch on fire after my friend trun the cam off it started burning By Ben Jardine

Blowing up a BMW 535i E34
Blowing the motor up on my 1991 535i E34 BMW... We blew it up because I traded it under Cash for Clunkers so the dealership had to destroy the motor.. Luckily I have a friend who works there so I got to watch... We chopped off the Magnaflow muffler and this baby was LOOUUUDD

Engine blow up Opel corsa
Opel corsa 1,0 no water,and whit a mix og coffee and sand pored in the engine

Firebird 305 motor destruction.
Ladies and gentlemen gather around and witness the exact moment of death of a Trans-am caught on video.An 88 Firebird Trans-am with a TPI 305 that had a piston slap at the beginning of this video and a seized motor at the end.

mudding with a mercury tracer
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Wesleys-Yard/331880720168364 Wendell's 1993 mercury tracer annoying windshield wipers, bad transmission, very bad misfire.

World smallest V12 engine
http://www.bringthecake.com Apparently the builder's name is Yesus Wilder and he only used three materials to build the engine. Stainless steel, aluminum, and bronze. All credits to him.

Second chance - tractorpulling Füchtorf 2011 - engine blowup
The second chance in Fuchtorf

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