Blowing up the tracer

Trying to blow up the motor in Wendell's 93 tracer. motor only seizes up.

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Me trying to kill Chads Topaz
i honstly turned it off cause it was starting to catch on fire after my friend trun the cam off it started burning By Ben Jardine

Killing a 6g72, 1 of 2
Having a little fun with the original 240,000 mile, trusty SOHC engine that wouldn't die of natural causes to make way for a twin turbo engine waiting to be dropped in. This video was made by Chris Hill in April 2008. In October of 2008, my girlfriend and I became the proud owners of the "Porn Panda". --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----- -417410/ Many years ago maTT wanted to DOHC TT the SOHC ATX Porn Panda. He figured when the engine died it would be a "forced upgrade". Well, years later it was still kickin. He hadn't changed the oil in 3 years. More times than not it had NO coolant in it. And would be run to less than a quart of oil before adding more. With 240,000 miles on the clock she still refused to DIE. Well, maTT had built a stock DOHC TT setup from all the spare parts he had laying around his garage from MANY years of parting out/working on 3S's. The setup was done and read to drop in. But the Panda REFUSED. So....We pressed the issue. 3SX nor any of it's employees condones running a car without coolant, low on oil, or god forbid doing anything close to what you are about to witness in this preceding 20 minute vid. It would be bad. We treat all our customer's cars with the utmost respect and care. This however....this was the panda...and she wouldn't go down without a we took off our gloves and, well... See for yourself.....

Dodge 2.2 motor blow, no turbo
1993 dodge shadow/plymouth sundance with 190k and massive blow by. redliner til she blows, but it wouldnt go! good ol' dodge. had to finally put rocks down the intake. that did it.. then she lit on fire.. lol enjoy

Jeep blown engine
Derek blowing up Erick's Jeep