Blowing up the tracer

Trying to blow up the motor in Wendell's 93 tracer. motor only seizes up.

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Engine Kills 2.0 DOHC
Wie bekommt man am schnellsten die Hinterste Pleulstange aus dem Motor ohne sie auszubauen??? Min. Öl und Vollgas :-))

Jeep blown engine
Derek blowing up Erick's Jeep

Me trying to kill Chads Topaz
i honstly turned it off cause it was starting to catch on fire after my friend trun the cam off it started burning By Ben Jardine

Firebird 305 motor destruction.
Ladies and gentlemen gather around and witness the exact moment of death of a Trans-am caught on video.An 88 Firebird Trans-am with a TPI 305 that had a piston slap at the beginning of this video and a seized motor at the end.