Blowing up the tracer

Trying to blow up the motor in Wendell's 93 tracer. motor only seizes up.

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Final Engine blow up 12/22/07
Our spare parts 350, turned 8600 rpm before letting go. Broke the block, cracked both the heads, mangled all the internals and destroyed the brand new high output starter. All in the name of fun.

mudding with a mercury tracer Wendell's 1993 mercury tracer annoying windshield wipers, bad transmission, very bad misfire.

final times of honda domani
unfortunaltly this is the only vid we got of the stuff we did to it.wen blowing it up i put soapy water in the engine to break down the oil.took the head off and no.3 piston and rod had gone through the block.yes the skid is on the grass but who gives a fuck,so no comments on that 1. cher

stupid kid gets in car crash (7-30-10.7)
each time i look back at this video it makes me laugh that it has gotten so many views.