Vintage (AMC) Rambler Rogue - in details

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1966 Rambler Rogue Sports Hardtop Commercial - Featuring Phillip Bruns
The Rogue was the two door hard top sporty version of the Rambler American. It recieved a V8 engine in 1968. But AMC really should have put one in it in 1964 or 65 when the Mustang came out. At the time...the Rogue could have been a very viable alternative to the Popular Mustang. It was a significantly better car than the Plymouth Valiant or Ford Falcon. AMC regularly produced 100 thousands of these Rambler styled cars in the 1960's among other models they produced.

1964 AMC Rambler 440
1964 AMC Rambler 2 door 440 Sedan for sale. Raleigh, NC Craigslist. 9/2015. Car is sold. Went to a great guy in Louisiana.

Buick Turbo Powered AMC Rambler test runs
This is the second video I made of the car cruising around and doing some testing. Let me know what you think - I tried to get some of the sounds of the motor in various parts of the video.

Rare 1967 Rambler Rogue convertible at 2015 Burger Run
1967 Rambler Rogue convertible at the Burger Run.