Desert racing, off road - M.O.R.E. Freedom 250 2011

Mojave Off Road Enthusiasts Freedom 250 2011. This desert race was packed full of Trophy trucks, Class 1 unlimited, 1450's, class 1600 etc, all out racing into the night in Barstow, ca. Thank you to M.O.R.E. for putting on this event and letting Dirtmash come get some great footage! Original Filmed by: TF-Films

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class 1 buggies through riverbed at baja 1000 with spin out
class 1 buggy start through riverbed and some stinky ass water!!

2011 SCORE Baja 1000 Class One Part One
Reality Baja 1000 race video... no clever effects, just raw speed and sound coming at you. This was hairy, these guys are testing new brakes coming down the first long straight on the course, lucky for me they all stopped and made the turn a couple feet from me. And yes there were dirt clods pelting me as these guys passed down the hill. I was going to edit these clips but like them better intact, along with heavy breathing as I had these rigs passing a couple feet from me struggling to make new brakes work after the start. After this the vehicles were hitting a nasty big deep lake in the arroyo that completely engulfed the vehicles and race participants... surrounded by swarming out of control fans with phone cams. ©True Traveler Publishing

SkyDive Dubai Offroad - Class 1
Team SkyDive Dubai Rally car testing in Barstow, CA after the Sand Sports Super Show. Sand Cars Unlimited, CBM Motors LS7 440ci, King Shocks 3.0 in front, 3.5 in rear, Albins 5 speed tall fifth tranny.

Testing for the 2010 SCORE Primm 300 at Jean Dry Lake! Kreger Fab's Derek Kreger shows what an experienced fabricator and crew can bring to the desert with Hutchins newly designed Class 1 Race Car