Forgotten car wrecks rust away!

my last scrapyard video this year...

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AUTO GRAVEYARDS: (Car Cemetery Auto-Friedhof) old forgotten cars
Some unloved cars that were once someone's pride and joy. Plus an unusual 1960's Fiat hearse (that hasn't been abandoned) and a 1950's? racing car.

Abandoned italian cars in forgotten yard, Wreckage Alfa, Lancia, Jaguar, Mercedes, Fiat, Simca,
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Old car in the forest, woods
Old 30's possibly early 40's coupe I found yrs ago, then lost and found again! I wonderd if the roof was a custom job but its not!

Check it out. About 2000 old cars, all lined up nicely in rows. Most of these are Chevys. You want to know where these cars are? email me...