Stock SRT4 0-100

Stock SRT4 taking a highway run from 0-100 Quit hatin keep racin!

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Stage 3 SRT-4
Stage 3 + Bolt-ons

Dodge Neon SRT-4 Acceleration 0-100 MPH (STOCK)
Guys check out my channel for my upgrade to a Supra, several racing videos and more coming. 2004 Dodge Neon srt4. Aem short ram intake. Mad dog short shifter, Starts at 6 secs by 12 secs im at 60mph so yeah i did it in 6 seconds meh. All these numbers you find on websites stating srts are 5.5 to 100km/h, most people dont seem to realize those numbers are done in perfect track conditions with trained professional drivers, on perfect tires and brand new running engines. Lol this is just a video i did for fun on a neon srt4 with 150.000 kms already on the motor with half bald tires and probably on a road with numerous loose pieces of gravel, may i also add im no pro driver or have ever been trained lol. People need to open there eyes a bit, just enjoy the video. Prothane lca bushings. 245/45/17 Yokohama Envigors. Boosting peak 13psi. Stock runs mostly were 14.0 to 14.3 A few times got into 13.9 stock, if i could get better launches and better reaction times runs would of been consistent 13.9. Car is sold and now imported a 1993 Toyota Supra RZ, follow my channel as i will be doing videos on my modifications as i go to a single turbo setup. The neon srt-4 ended up being a full bolt on car plus a DSP tune running 20 psi, before i sold it.

2005 SRT-4 0-100 mph
My lightly modded Neon SRT-4 going for a quick sprint to 100 mph. Mopar air intake, Mopar catback, and Mopar lowering springs were the only mods installed at time of recording. Run was made on a private computer-generated runway in Mexico. Video rendering edits, screenshots, and proof can be found on Demonoid with a quick search of the video's title. Car was Dyno'd around the 100,000 mile mark. Around the same time as the making of this video the car made 192 horsepower @ ~5,200 rpms and 225 lb/ft of torque @ ~3,000 rpms to the wheels.

How to Launch Dodge Srt-4
How to Launch a Dodge srt-4 Properly..