1954 Pontiac "Viola" - Straight Pipe Straight 8

The Pontiac's getting a new muffler ... so of course I had to run it at least once with an open pipe.

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The Pontiac Story of Progress & Promise
1960 reel to reel promotion of the City of Pontiac, Michigan. Starring Brace Beemer, the original announcer for and later radio voice of the Lone Ranger.

Packard inline 8 powered hot rod.
Going for a drive in my supercharged packard hotrod. This car was featured on the cover of Hotrod magazine feb 2010.

Pontiac Chieftain 1949 straight-8 valves
I was adjusting the valves on my Pontiac Chieftain 1949 and made this video showing the movement of the valves while running the engine. In case you are a good listener; adjusting was not yet finished.

Cutaway Ford Model A motor running on one cylinder.
I met this guy at the 2010 Badger Steam & Gas Show who had a cutaway Ford Model A engine that would run on one cylinder. He would do short demos as it will overheat if run too long due to no coolant. Super cool!