1954 Pontiac "Viola" - Straight Pipe Straight 8

The Pontiac's getting a new muffler ... so of course I had to run it at least once with an open pipe.

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1954 Pontiac "Viola" - Straight 8 Engine Running
Running the motor in my 1954 Pontiac Chieftain. 268 Pontiac straight-eight-- 1954 was the last year. 46,000 original miles on this car.

1950 Chrysler New Yorker Straight 8 started after 27 years
I have owned this car for 38 years (1976). I have occasionally turned the engine by hand over the years, it still runs fine. It is for sale for $3500.Good title. Has Fluid Drive transmission. This is the last year for the 323 cubic inch straight 8. This engine model dates back to the 1930's. Back in 1976, I once had it up to 80 mph without pushing it too hard. The engine has a 4-7/8" stroke and a 3-1/4" bore. The generator is still charging correctly after all those years. Ignition parts are 38 years old, and fired up after sanding the ignition points to get spark. - - Lance, 815-420-5068 Rockford, IL.

Turbo Envoy 4.2 Inline 6 Straight thru Exhaust
turbo Envoy, Straight 3" piping to dual 2.5"s in the back. No Muffler, No Cat, .70 ar turbo @ only 8 psi. 80% throttle through first gear, then lost some traction and it double shifted into 3rd gear at about 45% throttle :(

Pontiac GTO Cammed Straight Pipes. LOUD!!
2005 6.0 Pontiac GTO with no mufflers. Car still has high flow cats which quiet it down a little bit Mods: SLP long tube headers Vararam 224/232 .600/.600 114 Filmed just outside of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico