1954 Pontiac "Viola" - Straight Pipe Straight 8

The Pontiac's getting a new muffler ... so of course I had to run it at least once with an open pipe.

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Pontiac Straight 8
Engine running after valve grind and lash adjustment. Noise in video is Exhaust leak at manifold. Engine will be in a beautiful Pontiac woody wagon to replace the original which has a terminal block crack.

Buick straight 8 running with dual carbs and dual Smithy exhaust

1954 Pontiac Chieftain in the Snow
Taking the Pontiac out in the snow and having some fun. Draggers C.C., Long Island, NY

52 Pontiac
This is a 1952 Pontiac with a straight eight. We did an oil change, new gas line, new fuel pump, and rebuilt the carborator.